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wa    we    wi    wo    woa    wu    

wa   vt. to carry; to bring; to take. vi wijik.

-wa   suf. the. singular.

wah   n3s. its fruit. nc wεhn₁.

wai   vi. foreign.

waiahk   n. coconut stage, shooting coconut whose meat is no longer edible, coconut ready to be planted.

waidak   vi. to point well (of a boat).

waidwod   n. boundary line (in the taro patch).

waikεn   n. wagon. Eng.

waikoang   n. pandanus scraper used to extract juice from pandanus fruit.

wail moadi   n. fish sp., kind of emperor fish.

wailεl   vi. to be a sharpshooter (with a gun or spear).

wailεs   vi. to radio, to send a message by radio. Eng. wireless

wain₁   vi. to have beginner's luck.

wain₂   n. wine. Eng.

waingal   n. tree sp.

wadεk   vt. to read; to count. vi wadwad₁.

wadεkdi   vt. to count up.

wadεkla   vt. to read through.

wadliki   vt. to memorize.

wadpinpin   vi. muscular (of calves).

wadwad₁   vi. famous; well-known.

wadwad₂   vi. to read; to count. vt wadεk.

waj   n. watch₁ ((timepiece)). Eng.

wajauj   vi. to chop (a hard object). vt woajoa.

wajejjej   vi. to skip over the water.

wajdoap   n. washtub. Eng.

waku   n. house part. Jp. waku frame

walad   vt. to open to reveal the contents; to unfold. vi waldεk. also malad.  

walahd   n. sea grass.

walεd   n. wallet. Eng.

walihjεk   num. eighty.

walipwki   num. eight hundred.

waluw   num. eight. general counting system.

walkid   num. eight thousand.

walkij   num. eight. partitive counting system.

walmεn   num. eight. animate counting system.

walpak   see -pak.

walpas   num. eight. long object counting system.

walpoaspoas   n. bird sp.

walpwong   see -pwong.

wanihmw   n. door; window.

wanihmw kilahs   n. pane of glass.

wanihmw sok   n. window.

wanis   n. varnish. also parnij.  

wannangge   n. shotput. Jp.

wahnpoaroan   n. minister. Pon.

wahnpwij   n. canoe part, pieces connecting pwij₁ to pwaij₁.

war₁   n. canoe.

war peijakar   excl. said by the occupants of an arriving canoe to notify those on.

war pwilpwil   n. toy canoe.

warεn dinamw   n. toy canoe made from oaroahr in ni.

war₂   vi. rotten or spoiled (of something inside a shell).

warah   n3s. his vehicle. possessive classifier for vehicles. nc woaroan.

wahrau   n. taro variety.

warahk   vi. to pull along the ground; to drag a heavy or awkward object. vt warahki.

warεr   vi. to boil, to bubble.

warwar   n. ditch; groove.

wasa   vi. poor.

wasaus₁   n. mould used to prevent the slipping of a coral stone floor.

wasaus₂   vi. to eat raw fish without a condiment. vt woasoa.

wahssa   vi. red.

-wε   suf. thither, towards the hearer. *direction|al suffix.

wei₁   n. president; chairman.

wei₂   n. government; term (of office); reign.

wei₃   excl. Oh! *exclamation of *surprise.

wεia   n. wire. Eng.

weiapεinj   n. barbed-wire. Eng. wire fence

weij   vt. to draw lots; to vote; to pull out or up (stakes, trees, etc.). vi wεiwεi. vc wεi. also weir₁, wij.  

weila   vi. to get out, to escape.

wεinap   vi. to mate (of turtles). n. pair of mating turtles.

weir₁   vt. to vote; to pull up. also weij, wij.  

weir₂   vi. to race. n. race.

weir in luj   n. race in which the participants hop with legs tied together.

weir in pang rumε   n. race in which the participants run with a bottle held by a line and a nail.

weir in pirεnε   n. race, three-legged race.

weir in pohs   n. race in which the participants run while holding on to the same long pole.

weir in wilpahro   n. race, wheelbarrow race.

wεiroak   vi. to be in agony.
Ngoah wεiroaki ngihoa. My tooth is in great pain. vt wεiroaki.

wεiwεi   vi. to pull out or up; to vote; to draw lots. vt weij, weir₁, wij.

wεd   n. fish sp., boxfish.

wεdik   vt. to pull down the foreskin. vulgar. vc wεd.

wεdmalan   n. watermelon. Eng.

wedwedei   vi. talkative.

wεdwil   vi. to pull down the foreskin. vulgar. vt wεdik.

wεl   vi. to change the leaves of a mar pit. vt wεl, wilik. vc wεl. see awal₁. also wilikεk.  

welelimw   n. fish sp., kind of sea perch.

wεlkin   vi. soft (of a shellfish that has shed its skin).

wεlkinla   vi. to shed the skin (of a shellfish).

wεhlpohs   n. boat with a rounded stern. Eng. whaleboat

wεlwεl   n. curve (of a wave). vi. curved (of a wave); to sway.
Welwellakoan nohu. That wave is curved.
Walahddo welweljili. The sea grass is swaying.
nεhn wεlwεlin nohwa in the curve of the wave.

wεhn₁   nc. fruit of. n3sg wah.

wεhn kun   n. blisters from sunburn.

wεhn moang   n. dandruff.

wεhn₂   n. tree sp.

wεhn₃   n. pumice stone.

wεn   n. dance name, a war dance.

wεhndoapwoapw   n. tree sp., nut bearing.

wεhnmwεhng   n. taro variety.

wεhnpwul   n. kind of tree, with hard wood.

wεhng   vi. to look sideways. vt wεhngi.

wεng   vi. warped.

wεhrahus   n. warehouse. Eng. also imwεn koapwoa.  

wεhs₁   n. west. Eng.

wεhs₂   vi. to lift with a lever. vt wεhsi.

wεs₁   vi. to turn; to change direction.

wεs₂   vi. to hit; to bat; to slap. vt wεsi.

wεhsεl   n. whistle. Eng.

wi   n. tree sp.

wih   n. name of the letter w.

wia   vt. to do. vt. to beat up. slang. vi wiawi.

wiahda   vt. to build; to make.

wiawi   vi. to make; to do; to build; to happen. vi. to have intercourse. euphemism.

wiεl   n. sickness, rickets.

wid   excl. Damn! *exclamation of *disgust. Ping.

widahl   vi. to look at. vt widahli.

widahlihda   vt. to find, to come upon.

widεk   vi. to pour. vt widεki.

widing   n. trick.
Ih kidal widing. He knows the tricks. see widingε.

widingε   vt. to try to trick.

widingεhdi   vt. to trick.

widir   n. fish sp., sea bass.

widir joau   n. fish sp., kind of sea bass.

widir joanjoan   n. fish sp., kind of sea bass.

wij   vt. to pull out or up; to vote; to draw lots. vi wijjεk₁, wεiwεi. also weij, weir₁.  

wija   n. place; property.

wijε   vt. to finish something started by another; to extend. vi wijεhk.

wijekjek   vi. wet.

wijik   vi. to carry. vt wa.

wijikpok   vi. to take after (in talent or character); to be a chip off the old block.
Ih wijikpokin jamahu. He takes after his father.

wijin   nc. sprout of; core of or a remaining unusable part of (of pandanus fruit).
Arai kanglahroh wijin wahu luoahdi. They ate it all until only the core of the fruit remained.

wijin ngi   n. gum (of teeth).

wijol   n. male infant; baby boy. n. genitals of an infant boy.

wik   vi. to change or to alter; to be different (from before).
Woallo wikla mwomwε. That man's appearance changed.

wikjang   vi. different from.

wikla   vi. changed, altered.

wikpijoang   vi. to be different.

wihk₁   n. week. Eng.

wihk₂   n. wick. Eng.

wihkεhn   n. weekend. Eng.

wiklalε   n. taro variety.

wil   n. penis. nc wilεn. n3sg wiloa.

wihl   n. wheel. Eng.

wiliali   vi. to change or to exchange; to change places. vt wilian.

wilian   vt. to change or to exchange; to change places. n. alternate (for a position).
Ngoah wilianki pukko koanggiddo. I exchanged that mango for that book. vi wiliali. see wilioa.

wiliandi   vt. to change (position).   n. alternate (for a position).

wilianla   vt. to change (clothes).

wiliansεr   n. oleander. Eng.

wilioa   n3s. his representative. nc wiliεn. see wilian.

wilik   vt. to open (as a book); to turn pages; to change the leaves of a mar pit.
Ngoah wilikεk. I'm changing the mar leaves. vi wilikεk. see wεl.

wilikpijoang   vt. to open.

wiling   vi. to rest one's head on. n. head rest. vt wilingε. nc wilingen. n3sg wilinge.

wilingah   n3s. his head rest. *possessive classifier for head rests. nc wilingεn. see wiling.

wilingε   vt. to put a head rest under. vi wiling.

wilpahro   n. wheelbarrow. Eng.

win₁   n. body hair; feathers; scales. n. lure made from feathers. nc winεn₁, winin, . n3sg winε.

win in pohn pwoar   n. pubic hair.

win₂   n. tree sp.

wihn   vi. to win. Eng.

wina₁   vt. to scale (fish); to pluck (feathers). vi winaun₁.

wina₂   vt. to repair; to mend. vi winaun₁. see pina.

winaun₁   vi. to scale (fish); to pluck (feathers). vt wina₁.

winaun₂   vi. to repair; to mend. vt wina₁.

winan   vi. hairy.

winεhk   vi. to catch fish (of birds). n. group of birds hovering over a school of fish. vt winεhki.

winehni   n. black magic; charm; potion; spell. vt. to put a spell on.

wini   n. medicine.

winihn kijongran   n. medicine for treating mental disorders, made from wεhnpwul buds, limwin ni, and coconut oil.

winihn maj   n. medicine for treating headache or earache, made from the leaves and berries of the wεhnpwul tree.

wihnj   n. winch. Eng.

wip   n. whip. Eng.

wiski   n. whiskey. Eng.

woi   n. turtle.

wein pohnjomw   n. turtle sp., small.

wou   vi. to bark. vt woui.

wod₁   n. taro variety, swamp taro.

wodpa   n. taro variety, swamp taro variety, wild and inedible.

wod₂   n. fish sp., kind of soldier fish.

woj₁   vi. to give a whistle.

woji   vt. to whistle at.

woj₂   n. sprout. vi. to sprout. nc wijin. n3sg wijin.

wojda   vi. sprouted.

wojwoj   vi. to be whistling.

wolloli   n. shark sp., large blue shark that scavenges bottom.

woneijεk   num. sixty.

wonopwki   num. six hundred.

wonow   num. six. general counting system.

wonkid   num. six thousand.

wonkij   num. six. partitive counting system.

wonmεn   num. six. animate counting system.

wonpak   see -pak.

wonpas   num. six. long object counting system.

wonpwong   see -pwong.

wor   vi. to come up (from a dive), to throw one's head out of the water (of sea mammals).

worwor   vi. to bob up; to dive up and down.

wos   n. reef.

Wos Poangoak   n. reef in Mokil lagoon.

Wosin Soap   n. reef in Mokil lagoon.

wosomw   vi. ravenous; voracious.

wossou   vi. to pound soaking breadfruit in preparation for making mar. vt wossoui.

woaun   vi. respectful.

woahd   n. woodborer.

woadin ε   n. calf muscle; drumstick (of a chicken).

woadoang   vt. to kill a tree by stripping off bark. vi woadoangεk.

woajoa   vt. to chop (a hard object). vi wajauj.

woal₁   n. man.

woal₂   n. forest.
Nεhn woallo inenin kapεr. That forest is very dangerous.

woal₃   n. gill. nc woaloan. n3sg woaloa.

woaloklok   vi. large-size.

woahp   n. wharf; dock. Eng.

woar   n. neck. nc woaroan. n3sg woaroa.

woahr   vi. to be the same size as or the same age as.

woaroa   vt. to move something. vi woaroahk.

woaroai   vi. long (of time); to last; long-lasting. n. duration.

woaroaila   vi. prolonged; too long.

woaroak   n. disciple.

woaroang   n. centre; middle. nc woaroangεn. n3sg woaroangε.

woaroar   n. sea cucumber variety.

woarwoar   vi. to swear; to scold. vt woarwoari.

woasiksik   vi. small-size.

woasoa   vt. to eat raw fish without a condiment. vi wasaus₁.

woahwoa₁   n. opening.

woahwoa₂   vi. clear; understandable; to understand.

kawoahwoa   vt. to translate.

woahwoahki   vt. to understand.

woahwoahkihda   vt. to come to understand.

woahwoahkihla   vt. to understand (a fact).

wud₁   n. rain. vi. to rain.

wud₂   adv. to take a turn at.

wud₃   vi. to go (in a particular direction).

wujohr   vi. to peek. vt wujohroa.

wujohroa   vt. to peek at. vi wujohr.

wur₁   vi. to come to an end.

wur₂   n. foundation post. nc wurεn. n3sg wuroa.

wurεn jampah   n. game, pick-up-sticks.

wuriakiak   vi. silly.

wuro₁   n. temporary basket woven from a coconut frond, midrib on the bottom.

wuro₂   vi. to rock the water from a capsized canoe. vt wuroi.

wurohj   n. skirt.

wuronna   n. lobster.

wuroangroang   n. dried twigs.

wus   n. banana.

wus in Iap   n. banana sp.

wus in Kuamw   n. banana sp.

wus karas   n. banana sp.

wus pil   n. food, grated banana baked with coconut water and coconut cream.

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