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example sentences


1.  Kemla mecholue aikel ngikel el nga er a odekel?Did you descale the fish on the outdoor prep area?
2.  Kabom risue aikel mekebud e dongerdochd mea dousashimi.Go wash the sardines real good so we can fry some and have some for sashimi.
3.  Ngdiak moltobed aikel ngarngii a desal.Hey, when you the females, leave the eggs in.
4.  Ngkirek el mo meredm aikel teblong era biskeleng.I need to put together at least two more spears.
5. Aikel cheluel a ngikel a ungil el koiyas.The fish scales are good fertilizer.
6. Aikel cheldil el iaus a kmal ungil cheltuul.The yellow striped sweet lips we caught last night are good smoked.
7. Kabora oreomel e mues aikel rambotang el kmo mla mo mark e mngai a bebil mei. Kemo ungil mart meng disk el ues a rechad el lolengit era uchei era bemrei.Go check the rambutan in the rain forest. If there are ripe ones, bring them home but make sure to hide them so people don't bum them off you.
8. Aikel beluotel el llel a miich a bom seseb.Burn the heaps of leaves you raked up.

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