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example sentences


1.  Aki mlora chei er a kesus e meral mle tairio.We went fishing last night and had large catch.
2.  Aki mlo er a chelbacheb er tial mlomerek el sandei.We went to the rock islands last week.
3.  Aki mlo mesauch a buuch er a ked, eaki bong e temla smauch.We went to pick the betelnuts on the hills but when we got there, someone already picked them.
4.  Aki momengedub er a omoachel.We are going swimming at the river.
5.  Aki kauchais a chisel a belumam.We're exchanging news about our home villages.
6.  Aki mle kasoes a chuungam.We could see each other's shadows.
7.  Aki mlo kaodenge er a Guam.We got to know each other in Guam.
8.  Aki omechucher a lisam el mo lluich.We'll continue to collect more coconuts until we have twenty.
9.  Aki omtech er kid a leme chull.We're getting ready in case of rain.
10.  Aki sorir a rebuik.The boys like us.
11.  Aki mle chadecheduch er a betok el mondai.We talked about lots of problems.
12. Ng soam aki mokerang?What do you want us to do?
13. Aki mlo omes a iakiu.we went to a baseball game.
14. Aki mlo er a katsudo.We went to the movies
15. Aki ko oltak er kau era telal klok?.What time am I picking you up?
16. Aki mlo omalech era kesus.We went spear gun fishing last night.
17. Aki mlo era taoch el mo mengduul.We went to the mangrove channel to get clams.
18. Aki mlo omechar a ngikel era makit.We went to buy fish at the market.
19. Aki mlo mukai era ochedak el mlei el nga era ngebard.We went to pick up my brother that flew in from the states.
20. Aki mlo oltak era ngelekam era skozio.We went to pick up our kid at the airport.
21. Aki ulerrenges era rasio. Te ulerael a chelitakl era Belau.We were listening to the radio. They were playing Belauan songs.
22. Aki dirrek el di milrael el mo era skuul a lechull mea lsils.We did walk to school every day, rain or shine.
23. Aki millengelmes er a ar sensei me a merredel era skuul.We respected the teachers and the school principal.
24. Aki milekelbus alsekum eaki oldechelakl era skuul.We got punished for fighting at school.
25. Ng mle mekull aki molamch era skuul.Chewing betelnut was not allowed at school.

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