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example sentences


1.  A eanged a mekngte me lak dorael.The weather's getting worse, so let's not go.
2.  A eanged a soal el mo ungil er a klukuk.The weather looks as if it might be good tomorrow.
3.  A eanged a ungia me dorael.The weather's improving, so let's go.
4.  Ng kmal mle mekngit a eanged.The weather was very poor.
5.  Ng mekngit a eanged.Weather is bad.
6.  Ng sebechem el ngosuir a Dios el merekii a eanged e rullii el kuk mo medecherecher er a bltanget el deel?Can you help God stretch out the sky and make it as hard as polished metal?
7.  Ng ungil a eanged.Weather is good./(Someone) is in good mood.
8.  Ng mechucheb a eanged.It's cloudy (with a small chance of rain).
9.  Ng kebodel a eanged.It's cloudy (with the possibility of rain).
10. Ng ua ngara a eanged?How is the weather?
11. Ng ungil a eanged.The weather is good.
12. Ng mekngit a eangedThe weather is bad.
13. Ng mechucheb a eangedIt's cloudy (with a small chance of rain).
14. Ng kebodel a eangedIt's cloudy (with the possibility of rain.)
15. Ng ko er a kmal mekingit a eanged e kau a mengedub?Why are you going swimming when the weather is very bad?
16. Ng diak lbo lechull. Ng di kebodel a eanged.It won't rain. It's just cloudy today.
17. Choi, ak di omes er a eanged me a lsa el mo mekngit e ak merael.Yes, if the weather gets worse, I'll leave.
18. Alii, ng ua ngara eanged er tilechang?Hello, how's the weather over there?
19. Ng kmal mekngit a eanged er tiei.The weather here is very bad.
20. E a eanged er tilechang a ua ngarang?And how is the weather over there?

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