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example sentences


1.  Me tial omengat er elii, ngmeral mle klebokel a milechell.The ceremony for the birth bath yesterday, the young mother looked really beautiful.
2.  Ak bai mlora chei ngak mea demak era elii.I went fishing with my dad yesterday.
3.  Ak mle kelebus era skuul er elii lek milamch era skuul.I had detention at school yesterday because I chewed on campus.
4.  Komeng ngdimlak kungedecheduch er kau er adengua er a elii.Sorry I missed your call yesterday.
5.  Akimlora diosch er elii e ng mla er ngii a cherchur.We went to the small pond yesterday and there were shrimps.
6.  A Droteo a mle er a elii, adang diak?Droteo arrived yesterday, didn't he?
7.  Ak mle telkib el smecher er a elii.I was a bit sick yesterday.
8.  Ak ulebengkel a Toki er a elii.I was with Toki yesterday.
9.  Ke mla er ker er a elii?Where were you yesterday?
10.  Ke mlekera er a elii?What did you do yesterday?
11.  Te kilang a rokui el ringngo a rengalek er a elii.The children ate all the apples yesterday.
12. Ke mla er a blai er a elii?Were you at the house yesterday?
13. Ke mlo er ker er a elii?Where did you go yesterday?
14. A elii e ng mle ongetela el ureor?What day was yesterday?
15. A elii e ng mle SandeiYesterday was Sunday.
16. Ak mle buras a ungelek er a eliiI brushed my teeth yesterday
17. Ng ngarang milengang a Mary er a kesus er a elii?What did Mary drink for dinner ?

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