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example sentences


1.  Ailechal ngais ng dirk chemadch malechub eng selengoes?Are those eggs uncooked or cooked?
2.  Ngdiak el soam el kora mo ousuelb malechub eng belsoil er a tara taem?Do you want to have lunch or dinner sometime?
3.  Ngidak molai delchil aikang, ngdi uaisei eng mecherdochd.Oh don't gut those ones, we're just gonna fry them like that.
4.  Alii! Komo kerkikl sel bo moumenged meng diak mtemall a ochaeo eng mekull.Dont mess with the spotted eagle ray when you go fishing as they are sacred.
5.  Eya, a kurrenges eng morngii a klou el blengur leng tansiobi era Reklai.I heard there is a big party for Reklai's birthday.
6. Ngkal bechik a kumdasu eng ousechelei era rael.I suspect that my spouse is having an affair.
7. Kamluut el mo klou a ngerem eng dimlak rengesau.Can you speak a bit louder, i didnt hear you?
8. A ochedak a mle blechoel el mesauch a buuch. Chelechal bla lorael eng kuk urerek.My brother used to get the betelnuts. Now that he left, its my duty.
9. Te mlo kakeuad era kesus eng oboes a imal era boes era ngikel.They got into a fight last night and he was shot in the arm by a fishing gun
10. Tial siasing er kau el nga era chelbacheb, tiang ngerang el dengchokl er ngii? Ng brer malechub eng totang?Your picture at the rock island, what are you sitting on? Is it bamboo raft or tin canoe?

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