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example sentences


1.  Seselka renguk lorreng er tirkal chad era balatiks tedi mesaod a selaod, engdi soak el dimo omengur.I don't want to go listen to the politicians speak because they're so boring and talk forever but I wouldn't mind just going to eat the food.
2.  Ngmeral ungil a cheritel mea klekedellel engdi aikal berdel a ngerel akora ulecherue er tial kutsibenni er ngii.She looks so beautiful with her traditional grass skirt and decorations except her lips look inside out with that lipstick.
3. A chelbirukel a diak lochellii a llemalt, engdi chebirukel.Crookedness will not bear straight, it will always be crooked.
4. Ng mla er ngii a chermek el bilis engdi mla mad.I had a pet dog but he died.
5. Ng soak el di merael engdi kmal meral meringel a sils.I like to walk its just that the sun is scorching.

 a    b    ch    d    e    f    g    h    i    k    l    m    n    o    p    r    s    t    u    y    z