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example sentences


1.  Ke mla tatam a selkelem?Did you fold your laundry?
2.  A bocha lemeched a rengu e ke melim a bodes er a bngal a kerrekar.Whenever you get thirsty, you drink nectar from the flowers in the trees.
3.  Kau ke chad er ker?Where are you from?
4.  A renguk ke mlo smecher.I thought (mistakenly) that you were sick.
5.  Ak ileko er a blim e ng di ke mle dibus.I came to your house, but you were out.
6.  Alii. Ke di ocherchur el mo el ruames.Watch out; you're laughing so hard you'll split your sides.
7.  Alii. Ke subechii er ngak.Watch out! You're going to hit me.
8.  Kau, ke choas?Why are you pushing your way in (like a centipede does)?
9.  Kau, ke dudeukeburs?Why are you so clumsy or uncoordinated (like a nettle fish)?
10.  Kau, ke kemrik?Why are you always following me around?
11.  Kau, ke lung?Why are you so quiet?
12.  Kau, ke menga ulimoim?Do you eat only food brought to you - i.e., why aren't you getting food?
13.  Kau, ke rekerekered?Why are you clinging to me all the time?
14.  Kau, ke tedobech?Are you crazy?
15.  Kau, ngara me ke ko er a ouchedeng er kau?Why are you doing mischief in you own house?
16.  Ngera me ke di mesumech e dmanges?Why do you ask me to give (someone) a message for you and then come yourself?
17.  Ke di mo mereched el obes aike el lebla bo modengei.You will soon neglect what you already know.
18.  Ke di ngar er a renguk el mo er a kodall.I'll remember this (bad deed of yours, etc.) until I die.
19.  Ke di tmak er a llel a omerael.Why are you just inviting yourself to go along.
20.  Ke dilu el kmo ng mo omekoad er a ngelekel a babii?Did you say he is going to kill the baby pig?
21.  Ke klsakl me ng diak momengur?Why aren't you eating?
22.  Ke klsakl?What's wrong with you?
23.  Ke kmal kets er kau.You never want to go out./You never want to give yourself to anyone.
24.  Ke kmal menga el mo klebokel.You're becoming even prettier.
25.  Ke kmal menga el mo soak el ngalek a chomua isei.When you act that way, you become more and more my favorite child.
26.  Ke kmal mengas a medad er a seked.You really embarrass us in public.
27.  Ke kmal mesaul el dart.Many thanks for your trouble.
28.  Ke ko el mla merael er a ulolel a ngoaol?Have you walked on the floor of the ocean?
29.  Ke ko er a kiuid.You're like a starling (i.e. you do something undesirable and later deny it or make excuses about it).
30.  Ke ko er a kmal sobekang.You look really happy or elated.
31.  Ke ko er a melecholb el terriid.You take a shower really fast.
32.  Ke ko er a terriid el di teloi er a klab e mengerem.You're like the terriid bird which stays among the taro plants but goes hungry (i.e. you're surrounded by girls but can't make it with any of them).
33.  Ke kot el mo omengur.You go ahead and eat first.
34.  Ke lmuut el mekedecherur er a di chelsel a ede el klebesei?Are you going to build it again in three days?
35.  Ke ma kot el mo er a skuul, e ngak ekong.You go on ahead to school, and then I'll follow.
36.  Ke me er oingarang?When are you coming?
37.  ke mei er oingerang?When are you coming?
38.  Ke mekdechar a rengum me ke lomelemii a skulem.Be firm in your resolve to finish your schooling.
39.  Ke mekdechar a rengum me ke lomelemii a skulem.Be firm in your resolve to finish your schooling.
40.  Ke mekera kung?What are you about to do?
41.  Ke mekngit er a cheisei.You're not clean./You need a shower.
42.  Ke melasem er ngak?Are you challenging me?
43.  Ke meliked el mo er ker?Where are you going? Why are you moving like that (when the boat is so crowded)?
44.  ke melim a ngerang?What are you drinking?
45.  ke merael er oingerang?When are you leaving?
46.  Ke merusech er ngii el mo medemedemek; delemedemekel a ultuil ra omersesechel.You pound it until it's soft; how soft depends on the pounding.
47.  Ke milenguiu a ngii di el hong er a elecha el sils?Did you read any a single book today?
48.  Ke milsa a techa er a party?Whom did you see at the party?
49.  Ke mla chemoit?Are you satisfied (sexually)?
50.  Ke mla mo cherecheriaol er a beluu.You've become a laughing stock in the village.
51.  Ke mla choitii a omelamech el dekool?Have you quit or giving up smoking?
52.  Ke mla er ker er a elii?Where were you yesterday?
53.  Ke mla mo mekelekelii kelta e mei?Whereabouts have you been?
54.  Ke mla obes el kmo a Droteo a me er a klukuk?Have you forgotten that Droteo is coming tomorrow?
55.  Ke mla soiseb er a baketengel a Toki.You've fallen for everything Toki says./Toki really has you on a string.
56.  Ke mla tmuu er a baketengel a Toki.You've fallen for everything Toki says./Toki really has you on a string.
57.  ke mlar?Where were you?
58.  Ke mlekera er a elii?What did you do yesterday?
59.  Ke mlo er a Siabal er oingara me oingarang?On what occasions or at what times did you go to Japan?
60.  ke mlo ngera'l chei?What kind of fishing did you do?
61.  Ke mo biusech a medam er a rechedam.Be attentive to the needs of your relatives.
62.  Ke mo er a katsudo me a lechub ke mo er a party?Are you going to the movies, or are you going to the party?
63.  Ke mo er a katsudo me a lechub ke mo er a party?Are you going to the movies, or are you going to the party?
64.  Ke mo er ker?Where are you going?
65.  Ke mo kerekikl a omerellem.Watch your behavior.
66.  Ke mo kesib e mo meringel el oureor el omekdubech a dellomel.You will have to sweat and work hard to make the plants grow.
67.  Ke mo melemolem el oltirakl er tia el llach.You will continue to observe the Law.
68.  Ke mo omekedong a katuu er a ngii di el chad?Are you going to call anyone's cats?
69.  Ke mo sumes e diak bo mtab.You won't get anywhere (lit., you'll become (as thin as) a stick and (still) not succeed).
70.  ke mor?Where are you going?
71.  ke ngarker?Where are you?
72.  Ke oba a terob er a ngelekek.You have the right to discipline my child.
73.  Ke olengit er ngak?Are you asking me?
74.  Ke olsebek er a renguk.You are worrying me.
75.  Ke ua ngarang?How are you?
76.  Ke ullengeseu er a ngii di el chad er a elecha el sils?Did you help anybody today?
77.  Ke ullesiich er a renguk.You made me proud.
78.  Kele bo er a katsudo e le ke mengkar er a blai.Don't go to the movies because you're to watch the house.
79.  Ng diak a medulel a ochim me ke di dechor.Why don't you sit down (lit., are you standing up because you don't have a bend in your legs)?
80.  Ng diak chobo er a chei, e le ke menga el mo smecher.Don't go fishing because you'll get sicker (than you are now).
81.  Ng diak momisaos a beches el buuch, ke melamech aike el blisaos el ngara tet.Don't split an unopened betelnut; (instead) chew (one of) the already split betelnuts in the betelnut bag.
82.  Ng dirk dekmekimes a ochim er a beluu, me ke mo kerekikl a omerellem.You're still a newcomer around here, so watch your behavior.
83.  Ng techa a dilu er kau me ke me er tiang?Who told you to come here?
84.  Ng tutungang, me ke merolang.It's getting to be morning, so you'd better be leaving.
85.  Ng uoi di beot el tekoi, e ke obedobed.It's really quite a trivial matter, but you're getting too irritated over it.
86.  Ngara uchul me ke mlo er a Saibal?Why did you go to Saipan?
87.  Ngara ke di klikmechur er ngii?What are you smiling at?
88.  Ngara ke di melekoi kesuk er ngii?What are you talking to yourself about?
89.  Ngara ke milecherar er a stoang?What did you buy at the store?
90.  Ngara ke omes er ngii? Ke oucharm?Why are you staring at me like that?
91.  Ngara ke omes er ngii? Ke oucharm?Why are you staring at me like that?
92.  Ngara me ke di dechor e omengur?Why are you standing up while eating?
93.  Ngara me ke di mekekokau el merael?Why are you walking so slowly?
94.  Ngara me ke di mengchechelebed er a rengalek?Why are you always hitting the children?
95.  Ngara me ke di olibngokl er kau er a rengelekel se el morael.Why are you always leaving your children behind when you go out?
96.  Ngara me ke di ouchad er a Siabal er kau?Why are you acting like a Japanese?
97.  Ngara me ke di oungalek er kau?Why are you acting like a child?
98.  Ngara me ke di tengdel?Why are you so skinny?
99.  Ngara me ke melodech er kau?What are you changing your mind?
100.  Ngara melungd er kau me ke di diak chomngar er a blai?What is it that makes you stay away from home so much?
101.  Ngera me ke di dengchokl er tiang? - A ldu ng chetirir a kbo er sei.Why are you just sitting here? - Because they don't want me to go over there.
102.  Omko ng kau, e ke mekerang?If it were you, what would you do?
103.  Tal demei me ke di oltuub er kid. Ngak ak mengedeklem?Everytime I come here, you ridicule me. Am I your inferior?
104.  Ke mlekera me ke rirebet er a cheldukl?How did you fall off the dock?
105.  Ke mlekera me ke rirebet er a cheldukl?How did you fall off the dock?
106.  Ke miltik er a tim er ker?Where did you find your purse?
107.  Ke mla metik er a soam?Have you found something you like?
108.  Ke rongesii a chad el oukita?Do you hear someone playing a guitar?
109.  Ke mo meketeket er a Belau?Will you stay long in Palau?
110.  Ke ousbech a ngeso?Do you need help?
111.  Ke melatech a chimam el oba a sob.You're washing your hands with soap.
112.  Ke kmal mesulang.Thank you very much. (lit., You've gotten very tired [from helping me, etc.]).
113. Molengull el di mengebechub ke mekodir ku a chad.Quit pity crying (about someone) or you'll kill that person. (There is a superstition that pity crying about someone can result in their death).
114. Ke ua ngarang?How are you?
115. Ke kmal mesaulThank you. Formal.
116. Ke mesulangThanks. Informal.
117. Ke mo er ker?Where are you doing?
118. Ke mla er ker?where did you come from?
119. Ke mla er a blai er a elii?Were you at the house yesterday?
120. Ke mo er ker er a klukuk?Where are you going tomorrow?
121. Ke mo er a klukuk?Are you going tomorrow?
122. Ke mlo er ker er a elii?Where did you go yesterday?
123. Ke mo er a skuul er a klukuk?Are you going to school tomorrow?
124. Ke chad er a keskelel a beluu er a Belau?Which Island of Palau are you from?
125. ke chad er a keskelel a beluu er a MerikelWhere in the U.S are you from?
126. Ke mlechell er ker el beluu?Where were you born?
127. Alii, ke mla er ker el mei?Hello, where did you come from?
128. Ke mlei er a oingerang?When did you arrive here?
129. Ke mo er ker er a klukuk?Where are you going tomorrow?
130. Ke mo er a Belau el tela el sandei?How long will you be in Palau?
131. Ke mlechell er a ongetela el buil.What month were you born?
132. Ke mo meketekt er a Belau?Will you stay long in Palau?
133. Ke ousbech a ngeso?Do you need help?
134. Ke ua techang el chad?What are you like?
135. Ng uoi soak a bilem. Ke milecherar a bilem er ker?I really like your dress. Where did you buy it?
136. Ungil tutau, ke smecher?Good morning. Are you sick?
137. Ke klsakl el smecher?What 's wrong with you?
138. Ke songerenger?Are you hungry?
139. Ke mesulaul?Are you sleepy?
140. Ke mesaul?Are you tired?
141. Ke merur?Are you shy?
142. Ke mekerasemAre you cold?
143. Ke melatch a chimam el oba sobYou're washing your hands with soap
144. Ke mesuld a chimam el oba a taor.You're wiping your hands with a towel.
145. Ke mechiuaiu er a chiull.You're sleeping on a pillow.
146. Ke mechiuaiu e oubar.You're sleeping under a blanket.
147. Ke meliokl a meduu el okeuang me a eim el bung.Cook the breadfruit for about 45 minutes.
148. Sel lomrechorech a meduu e ke lmuut el mechirei el locha teruich me a eim elbung.When it starts boiling, let it boil for about 15 more minutes.
149. Ng ngara ke mo melai?What are you going to get?
150. Ng diak. Ke mesulang.No, thank you.
151. Alii e ke mo el metemall.Take care. Don't hurt yourself.
152. Ke ousbech a ngeso?Do you need assistance?
153. Ke milekera er a wikend?What did you do over the weekend?
154. Ke mlo meloik?Did you dance?
155. Ke mo omechar a ngarang?What are you going to buy?
156. Me ke mo er ker el stoang?Which store are you going to?
157. Ng diak. Ke mesulang.No, thank you
158. Ng ngara ke milengang?What did you eat?
159. Ke kora mo melbedebk era omkekerei?Do you still remember when you were young?
160. Ulekum ke ngelekek eak mla kodmungau!If you were my kid, I would have whooped you already!

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