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example sentences


1.  Ng soal el morngii a chetau er a kebesengei.It looks like there will be a squall this evening.
2.  Ak bai mo mengimd er a kebesengei.I should go get a haircut tonight.
3.  Ak milngerdoched a ngikel me a malk el odoim er a kebesengei.I fried some fish and chicken for dinner tonight.
4.  A rechad era haisha a mei era beluu era kebesengei.The dental program is visiting the village tonight.
5.  Morael el mo era stoang e mocherar a tara malk el mei bolodoim era kebesengei.Go to the store and buy a chicken for dinner tonight.
6.  A sils a mocha kebesengei.Evening is falling.
7.  Ng mla mo kebesengei.It is already very late.
8.  Kede bai mo odngelii er a kebesengei?Shall we visit her tonight?
9. Ak mo melecholb er a kebesengeiI will shower tonight
10. Ng diak . Ng kmal kirek el mesuub er a kebesengei.No, so I really have to study
11. Ngarngii a keliu era kebesengei?Do you have food for tonight?

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