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example sentences


1.  Ak ouchad er kemiu e ak mo chebuul.Having you as my relatives will reduce me to poverty.
2.  E ak mo omtok er kemiu el oba a ngasecherreng.Then in my anger I will turn on you.
3.  Kemiu a dirk rrengodel er a kngtmiu.You are still lost in your sins.
4.  Kemiu a ko er a mechiuaiu.You're not paying any attention (i.e. it's as if you were sleeping).
5.  Kemiu e rengelekei a kmal chebuul e le ng mla mad a demmiu.You, children, are to be pitied because your father has died.
6.  Ng ngar er ngii a melamech a dekool er kemiu?Is there anyone among you who smokes cigarettes.
7.  Ng somam kemiu.We (exclusive) like you all.
8. Mngai a book er kemiu el meskakGive me your books
9. Bem mngai a buk er kemiucome and get your books
10. Butek a buk er kemiu.close your books.
11. Mketmokl a buk er kemiu.put your books away.
12. E kemiu a mlo er ker er a kesus?And you, where did you go last night?

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