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example sentences


1.  Aki mlora chei er a kesus e meral mle tairio.We went fishing last night and had large catch.
2.  Ngkal sechesech a meral di uletemtimd er a kesus, tiang locha ngera belkul.The gecko kept chirping last night, I wonder what it meant.
3. Ng ngarang milengang a Mary er a kesus er a elii?What did Mary drink for dinner ?
4. Kom mlo er ker er a kesus?Where did you go last night?
5. E kemiu a mlo er ker er a kesus?And you, where did you go last night?
6. A demak a mlo mengetakl era kesus. Chilteklii a dad went trolling last night. Caught a barracuda.
7. Ak milengang a somen mea diokang era kesus.I ate cassava and Japanese noodles soup.
8. Aki mlo omalech era kesus.We went spear gun fishing last night.
9. Ak mlo milil era kesus ngak mar sechelik. Dimlak kibemrei mer chelechal tutau.My friends and I went out last night. We didnt get home until this morning.
10. Te mlo kakeuad era kesus eng oboes a imal era boes era ngikel.They got into a fight last night and he was shot in the arm by a fishing gun
11. Mekam ouchais, ngera mla er ngii era kesus?Do tell, what happened last night?
12. Ak mlo era blil a sechelik era kesus. Ng milruul era belsilam.I went to my significant other's last night. He made dinner for us.

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