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example sentences


1.  A bechachau el deromukang a klou a oto er ngii.An empty drum makes a large noise (i.e., those who talk a lot really have little to say).
2.  Ng meral klou a terreter.Cold/flu is spreading.
3.  Kmal klou a berrius er a omoachel.There is a strong current at the river.
4.  A klou a rengul a kuk ungil er a mesisiich el chad.It is better to be patient than powerful.
5.  A Rehina a ulemdasu er ngii el kmal klou el dil e le ng mle oubail er a dores.Rehina thought herself to be a big girl because she was wearing a dress.
6.  Ak oulengechel er a mangidab se el lebo ldibus el kmo ng mo er ngii a klou el eolt.Whenever a spider has disappeared (from its web), I take it as a sign that there will be a big storm.
7.  Chelechang el ledu a rechad er a Siria el kmo 'A Rubak a rubak er a bukl e diak lerubak er a oberberek,' e ak mo loia tia el klou el ildois er a cheroel a chimam.Now that the Syrians say that God is the lord of the hills and not the lord of the plains, I will give you victory over their huge army.
8.  E solae ng mlo er ngii a bosech er a Ekipten el rokir me a Kanaan el rokir, el mlo uchul a klou el ringel.Then a famine struck all Egypt and Canaan, bringing great suffering.
9.  klou a cheitide is low
10.  klou a ultutelelimportant
11.  Ng klou a chedengal el chad.He's a brave man.
12.  Ng klou el beluu el diak a dibus er ngii.It is a big country; it has everything a person could want.
13.  Ng kmal klou a cherrodech el kirel a cherredechel a mlai.There are a lot of complaints about the noise from cars.
14.  Ng mle klou er a rengrir a oltoir er a merechorech.They were determined to chase the robbers.
15.  Eya, a kurrenges eng morngii a klou el blengur leng tansiobi era Reklai.I heard there is a big party for Reklai's birthday.
16. A uum er ngii a klouIt's kitchen is large
17. Ng klou a chull er tilechang?Is it raining hard over there?
18. Kamluut el mo klou a ngerem eng dimlak rengesau.Can you speak a bit louder, i didnt hear you?
19. A rokui el ngalk a mle ngelekel tial imol beluu. Ng mle klou a klaukerreu.All the kids belonged to the village. Everyone cared about each other.

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