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example sentences


1.  Ng soal mo meses a eolt er a klukuk, ngi dilak el sal kmal mo is likely that it will be windy tomorrow, lets just hope it doesnt get too strong.
2.  Ng kmal meral meringel a sils, soad el mol taorer.It is just too hot like we could faint.
3.  A cheliuem a kmal kemanget.You sleep for a very long time.
4.  A David a milsubed a rengrir a rechedal el kmo ng kmal diak lekirir el oldechelakl er a Saul.David convinced his men that they should not attack Saul.
5.  Tial kelekolt a kmal mekngit era ryiumats..This cold weather is really bad for rheumatoid arthritis.
6.  A dellebeakl lebo er a ngsechel a rengrir, e le ng kmal kdekudel.May a curse be on their hearts' climbing, because
7.  A delongelel a Droteo me a Toki a kmal ungil.Droteo and Toki are on very good terms.
8.  A Droteo a kmal dektelek el chad.Droteo is someone who really frightens me.
9.  A Droteo a kmal diak losuub.Droteo hardly ever studies.
10.  A Droteo a kmal medenge a betok el belkul a tekoi.Droteo really know a lot of proverbs.
11.  A Droteo a kmal meduch er a ochur.Droteo really know (how to do) math.
12.  A Droteo a kmal mlo smecher me a lolkakl a chimal e ng di mo medeu.Droteo is so sick that when he tries to lift himself up with his arms, they just bend (in weakness).
13.  A Droteo a kmal soal el olekeed er ngii a redil.Droteo really likes to be around the girls.
14.  A Droteo a kmal soal el olekeed er ngii er a redil.Droteo really likes to be around girls.
15.  Kmal klou a berrius er a omoachel.There is a strong current at the river.
16.  Kmal meral kirek el mo melabk era ukedek era mekebud.I really need to mend my sardine/mackerel net.
17.  Ng kmal mle meringel a daob meng dimlak a cheldemam.We didnt catch anything as the waves were really strong.
18.  Ak milurch a teblong era rulll, kmal ungil beldakl.I speared couple of sting rays, they are good for soup.
19.  Tirkal ngelekek a kmal diak el delodau sel bebil era taem.My kids are so unruly sometimes.
20.  A Droteo me a Toki a kmal chauanai.Droteo and Toki aren't very well suited for each other.
21.  A Droteo me a Toki a ko er a kmal ta a dekelir.Droteo and Toki are quite close or always doing things together.
22.  A Elilai a kmal millasem el melisiich er a rengul.Elilai was really trying to be courageous.
23.  A John a kmal diak lchad.John is cruel or bad-mannered.
24.  A ngikel a Ngerechelong a kmal buul.Fish from Ngerechelong have or leave a very strong odor.
25.  A ngikel er a Ngerechelong a kmal buul.Fish from Ngerechelong have/leave a very strong odor.
26.  A omerolek el mo er a Siabal a kmal mle ungil.My trip to Japan was great.
27.  A osisecheklel a ochur a kmal meringel.Teaching mathematics is very difficult.
28.  A rebek el charm a ko er a kmal ungia a rengrir me te ko er a di mle chellaod.All the animals were starting to be really glad and they were somewhat comforted.
29.  A Rehina a ulemdasu er ngii el kmal klou el dil e le ng mle oubail er a dores.Rehina thought herself to be a big girl because she was wearing a dress.
30.  A resib a oumisk e kmal ngosecha a rengrir me te lmuut el ongengii.The sheep clucked in disapproval and were starting to get very angry, and they stared at it again.
31.  A tekingel el kirem a kmal mle mekngit.His words about you or the things he said about you were very harsh.
32.  A Toki a kmal sekkak el mengetmokl er a blil el kirel a party, e dimlak a chad el mong.Toki made a special effort to fix up her place for a party, but not a single person came.
33.  A Toki a kmal soal el mo er a Guam, e ng di ng mla mo diak a ududel.Toki wanted to go to Guam, but her money ran out.
34.  A ultirek a kmal mla mo chusui el kirem.My love to you has gone.
35.  A ultirek er kau a kmal meringel er ngak.My love for you causes me pain.
36.  Ak kmal bles er a omengetmeklel a blik e le a Droteo a ungil el mengetmokl er ngii.I really don't need to worry about cleaning my house because Droteo does it so well.
37.  Ak kmal medinges me ng soak el mo smecher.I'm very full, so I feel as if I'll be sick.
38.  Ak kmal menga el mlo semeriar er a ngloik.I got more and more interested in/excited about the dance.
39.  Ak kmal mlo merur me ak di kileed e kisets.I was so embarrassed I thought I'd die.
40.  Ak kmal mlo merur me ak di kileed el toker.I was so ashamed I thought I'd die.
41.  Ak kmal sekkak el me el melai er kau, e kau a chetim.I've gone to all this trouble to come and get you, and (now) you don't want (to go).
42.  Ak kmal uram er kau leng kmal ungil a rokui er a kau.I am very envious (or begrudging) of you because everything you have is very nice.
43.  Ak kmal uram er kau leng kmal ungil a rokui er a kau.I am very envious (or begrudging) of you because everything you have is very nice.
44.  Ak mlo smecher er a sasimi, e ng di a Droteo a liluut el kmal mlo smecher.I got sick from the sashimi, but Droteo got even sicker.
45.  E ng mla er ngii a chebuul el chad el kiliei er ngii el beluu el kmal mle mellomes a rengul me ng mle sebechel el osebelii a beluu, e ng di dimlak a llotkii ngii el chebuul el chad.And there was a poor man who lived in that village whose heart was so light that it was his ability to make the town survive, but there wasn't anyone who thought about him.
46.  Kau a kmal diak momekerreu er a remeklou el chad.You really don't obey your elders.
47.  Kau a kmal mengerad.You're talking nonsense.
48.  Kau a kmal smongang.You've really gotten used to (behaving badly, so watch out).
49.  Kau, ng kmal milkolk a bdelum?Are you stupid or something?
50.  Ke kmal kets er kau.You never want to go out./You never want to give yourself to anyone.
51.  Ke kmal menga el mo klebokel.You're becoming even prettier.
52.  Ke kmal menga el mo soak el ngalek a chomua isei.When you act that way, you become more and more my favorite child.
53.  Ke kmal mengas a medad er a seked.You really embarrass us in public.
54.  Ke kmal mesaul el dart.Many thanks for your trouble.
55.  Ke ko er a kmal sobekang.You look really happy or elated.
56.  Kemiu e rengelekei a kmal chebuul e le ng mla mad a demmiu.You, children, are to be pitied because your father has died.
57.  Kengti, a yanged a uchul ea National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) a mla tebedii A Small craft warning ra beluu er belau rokir. Daob ra delongelel a Beliliou ma Ngeaur, Ollei ma Ngcheyangel ma ikrel a elemoll a kmal mekngit er elechal team. MaleuaiseDue to the weather conditions and increasing hazardous surf, the National Emergency Office (NEMO) is issuing a Small Craft Warning for the entire Republic of Palau. Water conditions from outside the reef through all exposures are very rough at this time.
58.  Kom kmal mesaul el orrenges er tia el subed.Thank you very much for your attention.
59.  Lak lesebek a rengum e ng kmal diak a rolem e bo mad.Don't worry; there's really no way you're going to die.
60.  Me a rechad er a blil me a beluu a ko er a kmal mlo mechas a rengrir, e le ngika el buik a kmal mesisiich el diak a meringel er ngii.His family and the villagers were quite surprised at the boy's sudden good health and quick recovery.
61.  Me a rechad er a blil me a beluu a ko er a kmal mlo mechas a rengrir, e le ngika el buik a kmal mesisiich el diak a meringel er ngii.His family and the villagers were quite surprised at the boy's sudden good health and quick recovery.
62.  Ng di omais el dimeau me kede kmal ungil mes a rokui el ilekemellel.He just walks around naked so we can all see all of his parts.
63.  Ng di tirke el silobel a kmal di ulebriid me te chiliis el di chad me a bedengel.The survivors scattered, each man running off by himself.
64.  Ng kmal a ungil a bangd er a mlim.Your car gives a very smooth ride.
65.  Ng kmal bekenglemachel er a dekool.He smokes cigarettes constantly.
66.  Ng kmal dart a sulem.Many thanks for your trouble.
67.  Ng kmal di mle ta a klungiolel el mlai.They were all canoes of equivalten quality.
68.  Ng kmal diak a chebaringul.He's doing a very wrong thing./He doesn't know what he's doing. [strong insult]
69.  Ng kmal diak lobosech.It's a sure thing./It's not going to be changed.
70.  Ng kmal kilurs a bedengel.He flinched (from fright, etc.).
71.  Ng kmal klengerengerel.He's very hungry.
72.  Ng kmal klou a cherrodech el kirel a cherredechel a mlai.There are a lot of complaints about the noise from cars.
73.  Ng kmal mechechelebed a otechel a Droteo.Droteo's pitches (in baseball) are very easy to hit.
74.  Ng kmal medelo a renguk er a blekerdelem.I've become totally disgusted with your behavior.
75.  Ng kmal mekngit a tekingem.You're very unkind or inconsiderate.
76.  Ng kmal meleketek a delengerengerel a Droteo.Droteo's behavior is getting worse and worse.
77.  Ng kmal meringel a renguk er a kall.I feel bad about the (wasted) food.
78.  Ng kmal meringel a sils e ng ngara sers el di blechetoel a bdelul.The sun is shining so hard and she's at the farm with nothing on her head.
79.  Ng kmal mle mekngit a eanged.The weather was very poor.
80.  Ng kmal mle merau.He was very rich.
81.  Ng kmal mle oltobedechur a nglikir.Their dance was very comical.
82.  Ng kmal soam el omdedelid a chelsengsang el tekoi.You really like to listen to nonsense.
83.  Ng kmal suebek a renguk el dikea lesebechek el mengedecheduch.I am so worried that I cannot speak.
84.  Ng kmal tuobed a cherik.That really makes me want to laugh.
85.  Ng kmal ungil a rrellem.What you've made is very good.
86.  Ng kmal ungil a tekingem.You're very kind or helpful.
87.  ng milekoi a debar el kmal mereched a ngerel.said the duck, who was quite a gossip.
88.  Ng omes er a ngelekel e kmal mekngit a rengul.He is looking his daughter and is very sad.
89.  Ngak a kmal chelilt er a elechang.People are really taking care of me these days.
90. Ngilecha a kmal techel a miich.He's a genuine blood member of that family.
91.  Ngke el rubak a kmal chad er a chei.That old man goes fishing often./That old man is quite a fisherman.
92.  Te kmal mekngit a rengrir.They are really upset.
93.  Te kmal mle songerenger e meched a rengrir.They were very hungry and thirsty.
94.  Te kmal tang.They are much in agreement.
95.  Te ko er a kmal bereked.They are intimate with or close to each other.
96.  Tia a kmal blil a rekas.This place is infested with mosquitoes.
97.  Tia a kmal chazi.This is very tasty.
98.  Tia a rullak me ak kmal mo suebek a renguk er a Fern.This is making me very worried about Fern.
99.  Tia el bes er kau a kmal mekngit.This forgetfulness of yours is very bad.
100.  Tia el tekoi a kmal seleksakt.This matter is very complicated.
101.  Tia ise el kmal kulengiil er ngii.This is just what I'm waiting for.
102.  Tia ise el kmal kusiik er ngii.This is just what I'm looking for.
103.  Ng kmal kirem el mereched el mo mesa a toktang.You should see a doctor as soon as possible.
104.  Ke kmal mesulang.Thank you very much. (lit., You've gotten very tired [from helping me, etc.]).
105. Kmal betok a kitelel era bong era meseiThe pond at the taro swamp has a lot of water eels.
106. Ke kmal mesaulThank you. Formal.
107. Ng kmal kirem el momsa a toktang.You really should see a doctor.
108. Ak kmal songerengerI'm very hungry
109. Ochoi, ak kmal mesaul.Yes, I'm very tired
110. Ochoi, ak kmal merur.Yes, I'm very shy.
111. Ng ko er a kmal mekingit a eanged e kau a mengedub?Why are you going swimming when the weather is very bad?
112. Ng kmal mekngit a eanged er tiei.The weather here is very bad.
113. Ochoi, ng kmal mle meseked.Yes, there were a lot of people at the party.
114. Ng diak . Ng kmal kirek el mesuub er a kebesengei.No, so I really have to study
115. Tia a kmal mecherocher.This is too salty.
116. Tia a kmal merekos.This is to sweet.
117. Ng kmal ungil a chasi er ngii.This taste delicious
118. A odimek a kmal losengudelMy meat is to tough
119. A imelek a kmal merekosMy drink is to sweet
120. Ng kmal mle ungil.It was very good
121. Ng kmal mle smiich.It was very good with a lot of action.
122. Aikel cheldil el iaus a kmal ungil cheltuul.The yellow striped sweet lips we caught last night are good smoked.
123. Dimlak kudengei el kmo kede kmal mekedidai a rengud.I didnt really realize that we are so darn stubborn.
124. Kmal di soad a merreched e beot el sisebel a udoud. Ngdiak domdasu era nga era medad el taem.We like it quick and easy money making schemes without thinking for the future.
125. Kmal di medechel cherul buil el kungkad era mlik.I only have two months to pay off for my car.
126. Kmal mle betok a ultil a ochik er sel omoachel.I had many footsteps at the river.
127. Aikal baks a kmal lolseked.These boxes are taking up so much space.
128. A delal a mesesuau meng kmal di ua ingii.Her mother is an idiot and she is just like her.
129. Kabong era chesmel me desang e kom kmal mellomes.Do as you say so everyone can see you are smart as you talk.
130. A rengalk er chelchal taem aleko te kmal mellomes.Kids these days think they are so smart.
131. Kmal betok a diirrir a rechad era kabelment eldi osisiu a urerir.Government has many redudant job titles with likely the same job duties.
132. Ngdiak el ngerang, ng kmal betekngang a tellemall era beluu.The reason is, there are too many crimes in the society.
133. Ar mesiich a kmal meral mesiich e kung me a remechebuul a kmal meral mechebulang.Wealthy are getting wealthier and the poor are getting poorer.
134. Ar mesiich a kmal meral mesiich e kung me a remechebuul a kmal meral mechebulang.Wealthy are getting wealthier and the poor are getting poorer.
135. Ng kmal ungil a blil ngkal sechelik.My friend has a nice house.
136. Ng soak el di merael engdi kmal meral meringel a sils.I like to walk its just that the sun is scorching.
137. Kmal meral meringel a cheral a dengki er chelechal buil.The electric bill is so high this month.
138. Te kmal betok are ungil a chiklir el ngalk er chelechang.Theres a lot of good singers these days.
139. Ak kmal bekikl era ikal meklou el kerrekar el nga era bita era blai al meukel lotelechid.Im so worried about these big trees by the house if they would break and crush us.

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