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example sentences


1.  Ak meral kora songerenger.I am so starving.
2. Errang, diak el kora sebechem remusch a belsiich e domengur?Honey, cant you pound some taro so we could eat?
3.  Ngkal delal a bechik a kora telkib el sesmecher.My mother in law is a bit under the weather.
4.  Ng kora soak el menga delul diokang.I feel like eating burnt grated casava.
5.  Ng sebechek lolturk e bokultuil, ngua ksal kora mesululang.May I be excused and go to bed, feeling a bit sleepy.
6.  Ngdiak el soam el kora mo ousuelb malechub eng belsoil er a tara taem?Do you want to have lunch or dinner sometime?
7.  Mal kora mechetong tial mlik meng di merroakl.My car is really getting old and is making rattling noises.
8.  Ng kora mekoll a omerkollek.My throat feels sore.
9.  Ak meriik er a mekesokes, me a Kora a melemed er a ulaol.I am sweeping the yard and Kora is mopping the floor.
10. Kemeral kora aikal char era Kosiil!You are so like them seaweeds at Kosiil!
11. Ke kora mo melbedebk era omkekerei?Do you still remember when you were young?

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