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example sentences


1.  A blai a mlukedechor el olengeseu er a telungalek er ngak.The house was built to help my family.
2.  Ak bai mlora chei ngak mea demak era elii.I went fishing with my dad yesterday.
3.  Ngak mea ochellek a milruul er a mlimam er a daob.My younger brother and I were making our canoe.
4.  A delak me a reta er ngak a tirke el chad el orrenges a tekingel a Dios e oltirakl.My mother and brothers are those who hear the word of God and obey it.
5.  Menglangl a dingak! Ngtechang a kuk mesosaod er ngak.My ears are ringing. Someone is talking about me.
6.  A ngau a dilubech er a delemerab er ngak.The fire started in my room.
7.  A ultirek er kau a kmal meringel er ngak.My love for you causes me pain.
8.  Aika a kelek el omech er ngak a kbo ksengerenger.This is (my) food to tide me over in case I get hungry.
9.  Ak di ngak el mlo mesaul.I was getting tired on my own.
10.  Ak di ngar er a ziu er ngak.I do whatever I please./Nobody tells me what to do.
11.  Ak mengetmokl er ngak el mo er a chei.I'm preparing myself to go fishing.
12.  Ak mlo er a kedera el di ngak el tang.I went to the beach along.
13.  Ak mo oliuid er ngak.I'm going to change my clothes.
14.  Alii. Ke subechii er ngak.Watch out! You're going to hit me.
15.  Kau me ngak a mo er a stoang.You and I will go to the store.
16.  Ke ma kot el mo er a skuul, e ngak ekong.You go on ahead to school, and then I'll follow.
17.  Ke melasem er ngak?Are you challenging me?
18.  Ke olengit er ngak?Are you asking me?
19.  Lak mongiseksikt er ngak er tilecha el tekoi.Don't get me involved in that matter.
20.  Ng delak el mechas a rengul er a teng er ngak.It's my mother who is astonished at my grades.
21.  Ng di mle ngak el engelak.I got myself into hot water.
22.  Ng diak a cheldechulel er ngak.I have no means or way to do it.
23.  Ng diak a kangke er ngak er tia el tekoi.I don't have anything to do with this.
24.  Ng mekngit a kimots er ngak.I feel like throwing up.
25.  Ng mla ngmasech a bidokel er ngak.I've broken out in hives.
26.  Ng mla ngmasech a bikodel er ngak.I've broken out in hives.
27.  Ng ngar er ngii a kombalii er ngak.I've got people who can help me in preparing food.
28.  Ngak a kmal chelilt er a elechang.People are really taking care of me these days.
29.  Ngak a mla mo 80 a rekik.I am already eighty years old.
30.  Ngak a mle soak el me er tia el iungs.I wanted to come to this island.
31.  Ngak a ngit me kau a ngoi?I just asked for it (and got it), and now you want to take it?
32.  Se el sekum ng diak lsoam, e ng diak mdu er ngak me kuruul er ngii.If you don't like it, then don't tell me to do it.
33.  Tal demei me ke di oltuub er kid. Ngak ak mengedeklem?Everytime I come here, you ridicule me. Am I your inferior?
34.  Tia a bresengt er ngak el me er kau.This is my present for you.
35.  A mekelekolt el ralm a mekngit er ngak.Cold water is bad for me.
36.  A delak me ngak a mo er a Oreor.My mother and I are going to Koror.
37.  Ngak me a Helen a kausechelei.Helen and I are friends.
38. Akmo shiunteng era chert er ngak era klukuk.I am going to test drive my boat tomorrow.
39. Sebechem lousubes er ngak adang ngdiak?would you forgive me please?
40. Ngak mea ius a mlo kaiberober er ngkal chemang era taoch.The crocodile and I had a snatching match for the crab in the channel.
41. A bilis a kuk soal kau er ngak el soak kau.The dog likes you more than I do.
42. Ak mlo milil era kesus ngak mar sechelik. Dimlak kibemrei mer chelechal tutau.My friends and I went out last night. We didnt get home until this morning.
43. A bechik a ulengeseu er ngak era tutau. Ngkmal meral mesaul.My wife helped me this morning. Im so grateful.
44. Ngak mea rebebil er ngak a ulengeseu er okdemelam era bebil era udoud era mechesengul a bechil.My cousins and I helped with some money for my uncle's wife.
45. Ngak mea rebebil er ngak a ulengeseu er okdemelam era bebil era udoud era mechesengul a bechil.My cousins and I helped with some money for my uncle's wife.
46. A delak a ululsisechakl er ngak el mengaus a llel a such el mo ulkou.My mom tried to teach me how to weave hats from pandanus leaves.
47. A demak a uliaechakl el ngak el mengaus a teuechel el mo chadoue.My dad taught me how to make thatch roofs.
48. Kileed eak merrot era mlai el nga era rrat er ngak.I almost got ran over by a car riding my bicycle.
49. A mlik a lilengir a tonari er ngak e nguu el tuchelii a iedel.My neighbor borrowed my car and drove it into a mango tree.
50. A sensei er ngak era ongngak a meral meduch el lou kita.My music teacher really is good in playing guitar.
51. A ireba er ngak a bokusebch era suelb.I have to size my false teeth at noon.
52. A toktang er ngak a dilul kmo ngkirek lolengeask era omengelek era sar.My doctor said to cut down on my salt intake.
53. Ak bai locha mo mecherar a otobai er ngak.I should buy me a motorcycle.

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