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example sentences


1.  Eia, ngarngii a chomengerakl er a sebadong, ngdiak debong?Hey, theres work exchange on Saturday, do you want to go?
2.  Ngdiak bodo ngeruer?Shall we go pick some clams?
3.  Ngdiak a beches el chais?Any news?
4.  Ngdiak el soam el kora mo ousuelb malechub eng belsoil er a tara taem?Do you want to have lunch or dinner sometime?
5.  Ngdiak moltobed aikel ngarngii a desal.Hey, when you the females, leave the eggs in.
6. Sebechem lousubes er ngak adang ngdiak?would you forgive me please?
7. Kmal di soad a merreched e beot el sisebel a udoud. Ngdiak domdasu era nga era medad el taem.We like it quick and easy money making schemes without thinking for the future.
8. Tiang ngerang el beldoel er ngii? Ng dekool ngdiak el boes.what is in your hand? its a cigarette not gun.
9. Ngdiak el ngerang, ng kmal betekngang a tellemall era beluu.The reason is, there are too many crimes in the society.
10. Ng sebechem el kuk molmuk tial ngerem e kuk kungedecheduch ngdiak?Can you be quiet for a sec so that I can talk or not?
11. Ngdiak el sal soak a redil delngod.I kinda dont like women with tattoos.
12. Ngdiak kumekall makdi nga era bas.I dont drive so I take the bus.

 a    b    ch    d    e    f    g    h    i    k    l    m    n    o    p    r    s    t    u    y    z