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example sentences


1.  Ak miltik a ngelekel a babiirureomel me ak mildemch a teblong.I found a litter of wild piglets and I was able to catch two of them.
2.  Ak milsa a ngelekel a debar era omoachel.I saw a duckling at the river.
3.  A Droteo a mle merur er a ngelekel.Droteo was ashamed of his child.
4.  A Droteo a omekrael a ngelekel el mo er a ungil a klechad.Droteo is guiding his child towards a good way of life.
5.  Tirkal ngelekel ngkal rubak a soadel er a cheldecheduch.These old man's kids will be talked about at the conference next month.
6.  A Elilai me a Ltelatk a ngelekel a Bkau me a Elibeob.Elilai and Ltelatk are Bkau and Elibeob's children.
7.  A Juda a ngelekel a laion.Judah is the son of a lion.
8.  A ngelekel a Droteo a oungkiklak.Droteo's child is named after me.
9.  A ngelekel a kiuid a mla mo oubusech.The blackbird has begun to grow/get feathers.
10.  A ngelekel a mlo smecher er a Siabal.Her child got sick in Japan.
11.  A ngelekel a rruul el diak loleb a tekoi.Her child is trained not to interrupt people.
12.  A Toki a mengib er a ngelekel er a tut.Toki is weaning her child (from the breast).
13.  Ke dilu el kmo ng mo omekoad er a ngelekel a babii?Did you say he is going to kill the baby pig?
14.  Ng chebuul ngike el ngelekel a chesisebangiau el kulekur a ochil er a chetebtel a kemim.This baby bird is so pitiful that I'm tying its foot to the top of the starfruit tree.
15.  Ng di mlo merek el mengedecheduch a Wilbur e a ngelekel a sib a tmoech.Wilbur finished talking and the lambs came out.
16.  Ng omes er a ngelekel e kmal mekngit a rengul.He is looking his daughter and is very sad.
17. A rokui el ngalk a mle ngelekel tial imol beluu. Ng mle klou a klaukerreu.All the kids belonged to the village. Everyone cared about each other.

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