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example sentences


1.  Ngkal sechesech a meral di uletemtimd er a kesus, tiang locha ngera belkul.The gecko kept chirping last night, I wonder what it meant.
2.  Ngera rolem el mo chedal?How are you related?
3.  Ngera me ke di mesumech e dmanges?Why do you ask me to give (someone) a message for you and then come yourself?
4.  Ng ngera a chomomes er a resechal el omtanget er ngii.What are you watching the boys who are polishing it?
5.  Ng ngera a uchul me ng di mle kau el tang el me er tiang?Why did you come here all by yourself?
6.  Ngera me ke di dengchokl er tiang? - A ldu ng chetirir a kbo er sei.Why are you just sitting here? - Because they don't want me to go over there.
7.  Ngera roliu el mo kauchad?How are you related to each other?
8.  Ngera soam?What do you want?
9.  Ngka a sebiil a btil, el diak a ngera el lodengei.He's young and unexperienced (lit. his buttocks are covered with sores) and doesn't know anything.
10.  Ng soal el menga ngera el kall?What food does he/she like to eat?
11.  Ng ngera delecherul a eolt?What is the direction of the wind?
12. Ngera uldesuem er tial sengkyio?what are your thoughts about the upcoming election?
13. Mekam ouchais, ngera mla er ngii era kesus?Do tell, what happened last night?

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