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example sentences


1.  Ngerang a ungil osongel era katsudokang?What is good to see at the movie theaters?
2.  ke melim a ngerang?What are you drinking?
3.  tia ngerang?What is this?
4.  tilecha ngerang?What is that (thing near you)?
5. Tiang ngerang el beldoel er ngii? Ng dekool ngdiak el boes.what is in your hand? its a cigarette not gun.
6. Tial siasing er kau el nga era chelbacheb, tiang ngerang el dengchokl er ngii? Ng brer malechub eng totang?Your picture at the rock island, what are you sitting on? Is it bamboo raft or tin canoe?
7. Ngdiak el ngerang, ng kmal betekngang a tellemall era beluu.The reason is, there are too many crimes in the society.
8. Ngerang mekedi mengisngull?Why are you frowning all the time?

 a    b    ch    d    e    f    g    h    i    k    l    m    n    o    p    r    s    t    u    y    z