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a   mod. contentless word which precedes nouns and verbs under various conditions; if. a a omuchel a cheldecheduch; a le ko skoki mla mei; bai a klalobuai.

 A babier a lluches. The letter is written.

A bai lebo a Droteo, e ak mong. If Droteo goes, I'll go.
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a adang   of course.

A delal a biskang!   expression. That's a large spear!

A Droteo a kilenge er a Toki me ng mo mengedub.   expression. Droteo allowed Toki to go swimming.

A iit!   expression. You've missed!

a kmu   if.

a ldu   conj. because.

 Ngera me ke di dengchokl er tiang? - A ldu ng chetirir a kbo er sei. Why are you just sitting here? - Because they don't want me to go over there.

a lebla er ngii   expression. if there had been.

a lebocha lekukuk   expression. when the next day arrives.

a lechub   see me a lechub.

a lechul me   conj. if (only).

a leklebesei   expression. at night; nights.

a leko   intended to; apparently.

aleko   cont. a leko.

a lesueleb   afternoons; in the afternoon.

a letutau   expression. mornings; in the morning.

a lsekum   mod. if.

alsekum   cont. a lsekum.

 A lsekum ng ungil a chei, e te mo er a chei. If the tide is good, (then) they'll go fishing.

a renguk a mengkerengek   expression. my heart is my guardian. Similar to 'Let your conscience be your guide.'.

a renguk e   expression. I think/thought that.

a ta er a klebesei e   expression. once upon a time.

a uche er a   expression. before (used only at beginning of sentence).

a uriul er a   expression. after (used only at beginning of sentence).

abai   see bai.

-ad   affix. our.

adang   interj. Please; won't you?; it's true (isn't it?). adang a oterkeklel a kengei me a tekoi. adang ua isei? adang mekerang?

 A Droteo a mle er a elii, adang diak? Droteo arrived yesterday, didn't he?

Ng sechal adang redil a ngelekem. You have a boy or a girl.

Sebechem lousubes er ngak adang ngdiak? would you forgive me please?

Ng uangerang a bedengel a mlim? Ng mellemau adang ng bekerkard? what is the color or your car? is it blue? or is it red?

Adebetel   n. legendary male inhabitant of Ngeriab.

adidil   n. longing; sentimentality; wistful yearning of the past.

adios   (Spa.) good-bye.

aika   pro. these objects/animals near speaker and near listener. [syn: aikang]

aika el hong   expression. these books.

aikal   cont. aika el.

 Aika el kall a mla mo medeel er kemam. There's gotten to be too much food for us.

 Aika el oluches a mechetngaid. These pencils are thin.

 Aika a kelek el omech er ngak a kbo ksengerenger. This is (my) food to tide me over in case I get hungry.

 Ak meruul aika el kiriu. I'm doing these things for you (pl.) benefit.
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aika el hong   expression. these books.

aikal   cont. aika el.

Aikal chemelek el kebui a meral di moalch. My chewing pepper leaves are withered.

Sechelei, aikal cheral a iwashi a meral mla mo takai! Friends, these prices on canned mackerel are outrageous!

Kamei aikl uaol. Aikal ngikel a di menga uolek. Pass the bait. The fish keep eating my bait.

Ngmeral ungil a cheritel mea klekedellel engdi aikal berdel a ngerel akora ulecherue er tial kutsibenni er ngii. She looks so beautiful with her traditional grass skirt and decorations except her lips look inside out with that lipstick.
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aikang   see aika.

Ngidak molai delchil aikang, ngdi uaisei eng mecherdochd. Oh don't gut those ones, we're just gonna fry them like that.

Aikang ngarang? What are these?

aike   pro. those objects/animals far from speaker and far from listener. [syn: aikei]

aike el kahol   expression. those boxes (over there).

aikel   cont. aike el.

 A Ioseb a ulemekall er a mlil el mo er aike el stoang. Joseph drove his car to those stores.

 A Sally a menguiu aike el hong. Sally is reading those books.

 aike el beluu el mla mo nglai. the nations that have become conquered.

 aike el beluu el mla mengai. the nations that have been conquered.
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aike el kahol   expression. those boxes (over there).

aikei   see aike.

aikel   cont. aike el.

Kemla mecholue aikel ngikel el nga er a odekel? Did you descale the fish on the outdoor prep area?

Kabom risue aikel mekebud e dongerdochd mea dousashimi. Go wash the sardines real good so we can fry some and have some for sashimi.

Ngdiak moltobed aikel ngarngii a desal. Hey, when you the females, leave the eggs in.

Ngkirek el mo meredm aikel teblong era biskeleng. I need to put together at least two more spears.
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aile   pro. these objects/animals near speaker and far from listener. [syn: ailei]

ailei el hong   expression. these books (near me).

ailel   cont. aile el.

ailech el klalo   expression. those things (near you).

ailecha   pro. those objects/animals far from speaker and near listener. [syn: ailechang]

ailech el klalo   expression. those things (near you).

ailechal   cont. ailecha el.

 Ngara a chimi er a ailecha el tekingem? What do you mean by that?

ailechal   cont. ailecha el.

Ailechal ngais ng dirk chemadch malechub eng selengoes? Are those eggs uncooked or cooked?

Ailechal itotch a ungil mecherdoched e mora makit. Those emperor fish should be fried and be sold at the market.

ailechang   see ailecha.

Ailechang ngarang? What are those?

ailei   see aile.

ailei el hong   expression. these books (near me).

ailel   cont. aile el.

ak   pro. I/me (nonemphatic). ak a ngak. ak melekoi. ak mong. ak mei. ak mekerang?

A bai lebo a Droteo, e ak mong. If Droteo goes, I'll go.

 A bersoech a chilebeldkak me ak killii. The snake tricked me into eating it.

 A kmu ng ngar er ngii a ududek, e ak mecherar a bechel el mlai. If I had money, (then) I'd buy a new car.

 Ak blechoel el meruul a kelel a Droteo. I always prepare Droteo's food.
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-ak   affix. me; my.

ak dmu   I say.

akai   interj. Ouch! (expression of pain). akai a olecholt er a ringel; meringel a bedengel a kmo, "akai tia meringel". [syn: akii. akii a akai. akkai. akkai a kmal meringel; "akkai!" ng ngera omangch? chakai, chakii, chakkai, chakkii, chakkoi, chakoi]

ake   ake a olecholt er a ulekdakd. ake, kau ak chelebedau.

akee   v.a.s. akee a kirel a chasireng; akee ng mera el sechal! akee, ng mera el ungil el redil!

akeke   baby. (Tag.) good job.

aki   pro. we/us (nonemphatic, excludes listener). aki a kemam, ngak el uldimukl er a rubengkek, aki mlei ngak me a delak me a demak, aki merolung.

 Aki sorir a rebuik. The boys like us.

 Aki mle kasoes a chuungam. We could see each other's shadows.

 Aki omtech er kid a leme chull. We're getting ready in case of rain.

 Aki kauchais a chisel a belumam. We're exchanging news about our home villages.
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akii   see akai. akii a akai.

akkai   see akai. akkai a kmal meringel; "akkai!" ng ngera omangch?

akkii   akkii a akkai.

akooi   akooi a olecholt er a ringel me a saul; "akooi ng meral meringel a urreor" "akooi ng mesaul a bedengek".

-al   affix. his; her; its; their.

aleko   cont. a leko.

A delak mea tonari er kemam a mlora sers, aleko temo meruul a billum. Our neighbor and my mom went to the farm, they will be making grated cassava.

A rengalk er chelchal taem aleko te kmal mellomes. Kids these days think they are so smart.

alii₁   interj. Hey!; Look Out!; Hello. alii a sus; alii, kom ua ngerang?; alii, ngar er ngii a rechad?

alii₂   alii a ulekdakd, omekdakd; alii a deleb!; alii er kau; alii a kokok!

alsekum   cont. a lsekum.

Aki milekelbus alsekum eaki oldechelakl era skuul. We got punished for fighting at school.

altae   conj. if (perhaps/maybe).

altang   conj. if (perhaps/maybe).

altang   conj. if (perhaps/maybe).

-am   affix. your; our.

amt   n. (Ger.) government.

chad er a amt   n. politician.

anata   n. (Jap.) sweetheart; dear (used by a woman in reference to her husband).

-ang   affix. him; her; it.

-ar   affix. him; her; it.

-au   affix. you.

aui   aui a ko er a kibetiekl; omeketakl er a mla mengodech; aui, ng diak a cheldmiu?

aukang   aukang a adang, melisiich a tekoi; aukang mekerang?

auui   auui a ouuchel er a telemall; auui ng mla mecham a did. auui ng mla mad a mesil er a mlai.

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