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ai    au    ak    al    am    an    ap    ar    as    ad    at    aw    

ah₁   n. name of the letter a, the first letter of the Pohnpeian alphabet, used to represent the phoneme /a/, a low central vowel.

ah₂, also e₂, eh₂.   poss. cl. his, her, hers, its; third person singular form of the general possessive classifier. Liho iang ah pwoud. The woman joined her husband. cf. [meing] sapwellime.

ah₃   conj. however, and (signalling a contrastive relationship between conjoined clauses), then. I kohla sukuhl; ah e doadoahk. I went to school; however, he worked. Ma Soulik pahn iang, ah I sohte pahn iang. If Soulik is going, then I won't go.

ah₄   n. fish sp., bluespot mullet, Valamugil seheli, at a growth stage of approximately 12 inches. see ahpako.

ah₅   interj. Oh!; commonly used as an expression of approval. Ah! Ke inenen mai. Oh! You are really skillful.

ai   interj. No way!

ahi₁, also ei₁.   poss. cl. my, mine. see ah₂.

ahi₂   n. (3sg. aih) fire. Miehier ai. There's already a fire. Miehier aih. There's already a fire for him. aih fire for him, her, or it.

ahia, also iahia.   n. rainbow. Ma ke idih ahia, sendin pehmwen pahn kensda. If you point at a rainbow, your finger will ulcerate.

aiau, also oaioa, likatengensapw.   n. banyan tree, Ficus prolixa and Ficus virens; leaves, fruit, bark, and roots used in traditional medicines.

aio   n. yesterday.

Aiowa   n. Iowa. [Eng.]

aikiu   1. n. dole, ration, distribution, supply. 2. vi. to be doled out, to be rationed, to be distributed, to be supplied . 1. Aikiuen mwenge pahn kohda. The ration of food will be given out. 2. Mwenge pahn aikiu. The food will be rationed. [Jap. haikyū] aikiuih, vt.

aikiuih   vt. to dole out, to ration, to distribute, to supply. Re pahn aikiuih mwenge. They will dole out the food. [aikiu <Jap.] aikiu, vi.

aiko   n. a banana cultivar.

ain₁   1. n. an iron for pressing clothing. 2. vi. neut. to iron. [Eng.] aine, ainih₁, vt.

ain₂   n. handcuffs, shackles, irons. Polis kin doadoahngki ain. Policemen use handcuffs. [Eng. irons]

aine, also ainih₁.   vt. to iron. E aine likou. She ironed the clothes. [ain <Eng.] ain₁, vi.

ainepene, also ainih₂.   vt. to handcuff. Pilismeno ainepene pehn pwutako. The policeman handcuffed the boy. [ain <Eng.] ainpene, vi.

ainih₁, also aine.   vt. to iron. E ainih ah likou. He ironed his clothes. [ain <Eng.] ain₁, vi.

ainih₂, also ainepene.   vt. to handcuff. Poliso ainih pehn kriminalo. The policemen handcuffed the criminal.

ainoko   n. half-caste, especially someone of Japanese and Micronesian ancestry. [Jap. ainoko]

ainkot, also angkot.   n. strand, as of hair; fiber, as of sennit or cloth.

ainpene   vi. to be handcuffed. Peh ko ainpene. His hands were handcuffed. [ain <Eng.] ainih₂, ainepene, vt.

ainpwong, also einpwong.   archaic. n. after midnight. Se pepehd lao ainpwong. We stayed up until after midnight.

ainpwonglap, also einpwonglap.   n. close to midnight.

ainpwoat, also einpwoat.   1. n. cooking pot, broiler, stew pan. 2. vi. to cook food in a pot; to have a small informal feast or party, to hold a potluck. [Eng. iron pot] ainpwoate, vt.

ainpwoate, also einpwoate.   vt. to cook (something) in a pot. [ainpwoat <Eng.]

ainpwoatiki   vt. to have a feast for someone, one that does not involve the use of an uhmw. [ainpwoat <Eng.]

aip   1. n. the traditional hour-glass shaped Pohnpeian drum. 2. vi. to play an aip.

aipenlangih, also aipenlenge.   meing. vt. to hear, to listen. Mwohnsapw aipenlangih arail kokoul. Mwohnsapw heard their singing. Mwohnsapw aipenlangih sakarada koaros me wiawi. Mwohnsapw heard all the speeches that were given. cf. rong.

aipenleng   meing. n. (3sg. aipenlengihr) ear. Palimeing en aipenleng paikingda. The left ear is infected. cf. saleng.

aipenlenge, also aipenlangih.   meing. vt. to hear, to listen. Mwohnsapw aipenlenge sakarada koaros me wiawi. Mwohnsapw heard all the speeches that were given. cf. rong.

aipenpwong   meing. n. (3sg. aipenpwongahr) ear. Mwohnsapw sounein aipenpwong. Mwohnsapw has an ear ailment. cf. saleng.

aipenpwonge, also aipenpwongih.   meing. vt. to hear, to listen. Mwohnsapwoko aipenpwonge arail koasaokoasoai.  Mwohnsapwoko heard their conversations. cf. rong.

aipenpwongih   meing. vt. to hear, to listen. Mwohnsapw kakete aipenpwongih atail lipahned. Mwohnsapw could hear our gossip. see aipenpwonge. cf. rong.

aipori   Biblical. n. ivory. [Eng.]

air₁   vt. to strip off, as when stripping insulation off a wire, to wipe off a rope-like object by drawing it through one’s hand or fingers, as when wiping the viscous material off hibiscus bast during the preparation of kava. Kelewen sohte eirek. The hibiscus bast has not been stripped of its slime. eirek₂, vi.

air₂, also airih.   meing. vt. to pull something, usually with a line or rope. Sahlo air nan limahr. The rope was pulled in his hand. eiei₂, vi. cf. apih.

air₃   1. meing. vi. to breathe. 2. meing. n. breath. 1. Mwohnsapw sohte mwomwen air. Mwohnsapw does not seem to be breathing. cf. esingek.

airas, also aidda.   vi. to drop into a hole, of a marble in the game anaire. [Jap. hairasu]

airih   meing. vt. to pull something, usually with a line or rope. Mwohnsapwoko ketin airihada mwahmw men. Mwohnsapwoko pulled in a fish. eiei₂, vi. cf. apih.

ais₁   n. tree sp., parinarium nut, Atuna racemosa, having a hard wood; used for house poles, oil, paint, and caulking canoes, fruit used in medicines; a medicine taken before eating food prepared by another to avoid the effects of magic.

ais₂   n. ice. [Eng.]

ais₃   crystal methamphetamine, commonly called ice. [Eng.]

aisais   vi. to be painted or stained with paint made from ais₁ nuts, especially canoes. Wahro pahn aisais lakapw. The canoe will be painted tomorrow. aisih, vt.

aisara   n. ash tray. [Jap. haizara]

Aiseia   Biblical. n. Isaiah, a book in the Kadehde Mering (Old Testament). [Eng.]

aisih   vt. to paint or stain something with paint made from ais₁ nuts, especially canoes. aisais, vi.

aiso   n. food cabinet. [Jap. haichō]

aiskehki   n. popsicle, frozen confection. [Jap. aisukēki < Eng. ice cake]

aiskiup   n. ice cube. [Eng.]

aiskurihm   n. ice cream. [Eng.]

aispiring   n. aspirin. [Jap. asupirin < Ger. Aspirin]

aispwoakus, also aispwoaks.   n. refrigerator, icebox. [Eng.]

aispwoaks   n. see aispwoakus.

aida   adj. easily angered, short-tempered.

Aidao   n. Idaho. [Eng.]

aidda, also airas.   vi. to drop into a hole, of a marble in the game anaire. [Jap. haitta]

au   adj. of an uhmw, to be reduced to glowing coals.

ahu   n. (3sg. ewe) mouth. cf. [meing] dauwas, douwas, nandauwas.

aukeng   slang. adj. sharp-tongued; having a protruding, carp-like mouth.

aukengih   vt. to insult, to humiliate, to verbally assault.

auku   adj. having a small mouth; quiet, of someone who doesn’t talk much.

aul, also niaul.   n. slope.

aulaud, also oulaud.   adj. boastful, loudmouthed, boisterous, given to exaggeration. Ohlo me aulaud pwe e nda me e kak kelehpw kapaikada lapalahn takaio. That man is boastful because he said that he could carry that big stone alone.

auleng₁   n. Curcuma australasica, used for medicine; leaves used for lining preserved breadfruit pits.

auleng₂   n. water taken on a trip.

aulikamw   adj. lying, untruthful.

aumat   1. adj. bad breathed. 2. slang. interj. You have bad breath! (an insult). 3. interj. Shut up! (used by some speakers).

aun, also oun.   num. six. see ehd₁.

aunen rot, also aunin rot.   n. first night of the lunar cycle (traditional Pohnpeian calendar).

aunin rot   n. see aunen rot.

aupah   n3s. jaw, of an animal.

aupon   adj. having a small mouth; quiet, of someone who doesn’t talk much.

aupowe   n. upper part of the mouth. cf. [meing] pohrehre.

aupwal   1. n. harelip, cleft lip. 2. vi. to have a harelip or cleft lip.

aupwahpw   adj. toothless.

aupwel   vi. to bite with a twisting motion (of animals, especially dogs). Kidi keikei kin aupwel. A biting dog usually bites and twists at the same time. aupwele, vt.

aupwele   vt. to simultaneously bite and twist. Kidi likeikeio aupwele nehn Dunuwao. The fierce dog bit and twisted Dunuwa's leg. aupwel, vi.

aupwet   1. adj. scarred around the mouth by yaws. 2. n. a scar by the mouth caused by yaws.

aupwil-   vi. to turn one's head. E lemmwda, ah e aupwilseli. He got scared of ghosts, so he kept turning his head.

aupwidikanakan   1. insult. n. a greasy or mushy mouth, literally refering to someone who has easy access to an abundance of food. 2. adj. having easy access to an abundance of food.

aupwon   adj. quiet, not talkative.

aur   n. foul, in any sport. [Jap. fauru < Eng. foul]

aurei   adj. having a protruding, carp-like mouth; pouting.

ausaledek   adj. employing gross or inappropriate speech, speaking openly of sex, usually by women.

auselpat   1. adj. severely scarred around the mouth by yaws. 2. n. a large scar by the mouth caused by yaws.

Ausitaralia, also Australia.   n. Australia.

ausuwed   adj. displaying crude speech manners, foulmouthed.

Australia, also Ausitaralia.   n. Australia.

aud   vi. to be out, in baseball. [Eng.]

audaud   vi. to be filled, to be loaded. aude, vt.

audapan   adj. capacious, holding a lot; knowledgeable.

aude   vt. to fill, to load; to fill someone's mind with ideas, often bad ones. audaud, vi.

audepe   n3s. contents, subject matter.

audokahp   n. outside curve, in baseball. [Jap. autokābu < Eng. out+curve]

audomadik   adj. automatic; skillful, knowledgeable; spontaneous; fast₁. [Eng.]

audled   n. outlet, as an electrical outlet. [Eng.]

audsapahl   vi. to restart, to start over, as in the preparation of kava; to refill. Kumwail audsapahl. Restart the preparation of the kava. audsapahlih, vt.

audsapahlih   vt. see audsapahl.

auwalek   adj. having a wide, large mouth; big mouthed, both literally and figuratively; having a loose tongue, unable to keep a secret.

ak   n. act, a main division of a play. [Eng. act]

ak-   verb. pref. a prefix attached to adjectives or nouns, meaning to demonstrate or to exhibit a trait. lemei cruelty, aklemei tough; ohl man, akohl acting like a man, macho; tikitik small, aktikitik humble.

ahk₁   n. generic term for mangrove; ; hoe or any implement for digging; pointed piece of mangrove used for husking coconuts.

ahk₂   interj. an expression of disgust.

ahk en kodering, also eken kodering.   n. stick for husking coconuts.

ahk mete, also akmete.   n. metal (iron) bar, used as a tool for planting (especially yams). [mete <Eng. metal]

ahk tuhke, also aktuhke.   n. pointed wooden stick, used as a tool for husking coconuts or for digging, as when digging up yams.

aka₁, also ka₁, akat, kat.   dem. mod. these, by me.

aka₂   num. one. see ka₂.

akah, also ahkah, akahri.   interj. expression of astonishment.

ahkah   interj. see ahkah.

aka ehng, also aka ngng.   interj. Of course! Why sure! Indeed!

aka ngng   interj. see aka ehng.

akau, also kau₂.   dem. mod. those, away from you and me.

akaund   n. account₂. [Eng.]

akahk   vt. to demonstrate, to act as if. E akahk me e kommwad. He demonstrated that he was brave.

Akahk   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

akamai   1. vi. to argue, to quarrel; to challenge intellectually. 2. n. argument, quarrel, dispute; challenge. cf. [meing] pwukioamoar.

akamwahliki   vt. to disrespect, disregard, dishonor; to treat something or someone as being of no consequence. Ke dehr akamwahliki ei koasoai. Don't disrespect what I have to say.

akan, also kan.   dem. mod. those, by you.

akap   num. one. see kap.

akapa   n. mangrove sp., Rhizophora apiculata; commonly used in the building of feasthouses; also used for dye, planting sticks, house poles, and firewood.

akahri, also akah, ahkah.   interj. an expression of astonishment.

akadahn, also kaladahn, lakadahn.   n. a banana cultivar, mostly eaten raw, prized for its delicious taste, Musa acuminata. [Tag. lakatan]

akadahn awai , also akadahn weitahta.   n. a banana cultvar with a red peel, mostly eaten raw, known to have come from Hawai'i.

akadahn weitahta   n. see akadahn awai.

akat, also aka₁, kat, ka₁.   dem. mod. these, by me.

akatantat   vi. to hold a grudge against someone. Liho akatantat. That woman is holding a grudge.

akelel   n. mangrove sp., four-petalled mangrove, Rhizophora mucronata, used for house posts, charcoal, and firewood; roots used in medicine.

akenwel   n. mangrove sp., Gynotroches axillaries, used in medicine; found in forests in the interior, rather than in swamps.

akepweipwei₁   adj. retributive, requiring requital in kind, for good or evil.

aker-   vt. to move a group of things. Akerodo mwangas akan. Move the coconuts here.

akerada   vt. to load, as cargo.

akeredi   vt. to unload, as cargo; to throw down fruit from a tree.

akerpene   vt. to gather, of things; to pile up.

akesia   Biblical. n. acacia. [Eng.]

akedei   1. n. any competition of throwing, jumping, kicking, diving, etc.; endeavor. 2. vi. to engage in such a competition; to strive to succeed in such a competition.

Akedeiki Mourin Kirais   n. Christian Endeavor movement in the Protestant church.

ahki   conj. because, because of (in answer to a question). Dahme ke pwandiki? Ahki e keteu. Why were you late? Because it rained.

akihna, also poupoulap₂, utin ruk.   n. a banana cultivar, mostly eaten cooked, from Chuuk.

akinen   vi. to target practice. Re akinen. They are target practicing.

akohl   adj. acting like a man, demonstrating one's manhood, macho.

akomwohmwo   adj. always wanting to be recognized first, egocentric. Ohlo me akomwohmwo. That man always wants to be recognized first.

Ahkos, also Oakos.   n. August. [Eng.] cf. [meing] Kih.

akodop, also akdupudup.   adj. always wanting to be even, given to repaying in kind.

akuh   adj. always wanting to be superior; aggressive; idealistic, willing to support a cause.

akupwung   adj. petty, argumentative, contentious, desirous of being correct at all times, always justifying one's own actions; disagreeable.

akupwungki   vt. to complain about the unfairness of something; to resent something, such as a criticism or a jest taken seriously.

akutuhwahu   adj. proud, competitive, unwilling to be humbled.

akka   interj. an exclamation of pleasant surprise; For sure!

Akkai   Biblical. n. Haggai, a book in the Kadehde Mering (Old Testament). [Eng.]

aklapalap   adj. proud, haughty, self-assertive, cocky.

aklemei   adj. tough, prideful, insolent, dictatorial.

akmanaman   1. vi. to make a display of spiritual power, authority, or magic. 2. n. a display of spiritual power, authority, or magic; a trick, as a card trick.

akmete, also ahk mete.   n. metal (iron) bar, used as a tool for planting (especially yams). [mete <Eng. metal]

akmwasa   1. n. scrutiny, between two individuals. 2. adj. given to scrutinizing. 3. vi. to scrutinize each other.

akmwohmwo   adj. conceited, presumptuous, vainglorious.

akpapah   adj. polite.

aksakon   adj. forceful, insistent.

aksuwei   adj. boastful, given to exaggerating one's own importance, excessively proud.

akdupudup, also akodop.   adj. always wanting to be even, given to repaying in kind.

aktikitik   adj. humble, unassuming, meek; shy, bashful.

aktuhke, also ahk tuhke.   n. pointed wooden stick, used as a tool for husking coconuts or for digging, as when digging up yams.

akwerek   vi. to make a friend; to mate.

akwerengki   vt. to have as a partner; to court.

ahl₁   n. road, street, trail, path; line; way. elen mehkot way of a thing.

ahl₂   n. fish sp., wahoo, Acanthocybium solandri.

alaul   n. supporting roots of a tree, as of banyan, sadak, or pwulok; supporting slope of a mountain.

alaullap   1. n. (3sg. alaullepahr) tibia, the inner of the two bones of the leg, extending from knee to ankle. 2. meing. n. labia majora, the outer folds of skin of the external female genitalia. cf. kilinaulap.

alaultik   meing. n. (3sg. alaultiki) labia minora. cf. pwehd.

Alauso   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

alahl   adj. striped.

alahl-   vi. to be taken or gotten. ale, vt.

alahlda   vi. to be adopted, of an idea or innovation; to be purchased.

alahldi   vi. to be taken or gotten; to be recorded, to be written down.

ahlap   1. adj. bulky, stocky, thick, large in girth. 2. n. (3sg. ahlepe) bulk, thickness, girth. 1. Lukopen Souliko me ahlap. Soulik has a large waist.

Alapahma   n. Alabama. [Eng.]

alasang   vt. to copy, to imitate; to follow someone's example.

alasapw   1. vi. to conquer land; to engage in war for the purpose of capturing land; to play the game alasapw. 2. n. a game, similar to steal-the-flag.

Alaska   n. Alaska. [Eng.]

aladmen   n. allotment. Mie doaropwehn aladmen ke wiahda? Did you fill out an allotment form? [Eng.]

ale   vt. to take, to get; to receive, to accept. alahl-, vi. cf. [meing] ketiki.

alehda   vt. to take, to accept. Ohlo alehda arail diwpisou anahn akan. The man took their necessary supplies. Ohlo alehda arail pekimahko. The man accepted their apology.

alehdi   vt. to receive votes, to be awarded a degree, title, etc.; to have sexual intercourse with; to conquer, to take a picture of.

ahlek   n. reed sp., Saccharum spontaneum or Phragmites karka, used as a building material and for medicinal purposes; used for house walls, roofing materials, and in building coconut driers.

ahlek pwohmwahu   n. lemon grass, Cymbopogon citratus.

alem   num. five. see ehd₁.

Alem Sarawi   n. Good Friday, and official holiday on Pohnpei.

alemeng   n. (3sg. alemenge, alemengi) likeness, resemblance. E wa alemengen ah nohnoh. She looks like her mother.

alemengi   adj. said of one who imitates or copies fashions or behavior. alemengih, vt.

alemengih   vt. to imitate, to copy, to mimic, to learn from. Kisin serio alemengih ah nohno. That child imitates its mother. alemengi, adj.

Alenieng₁, also Elenieng.   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

Alenieng₂   n. a piece of land in the Wene section of Kitti that served as the residence of Mensila, the Nahnmwarki of Kitti in the late nineteenth century; the Spaniards contructed a mission church and a military garrison here in 1889.

alepe   n3s. the process of taking, getting, or seizing something.

alesop   n. side path, a small path off the main one; shortcut; secondary road.

alehda   vt. to take, to accept. Ohlo alehda arail diwpisou anahn akan. The man took their necessary supplies. Ohlo alehda arail pekimahko. The man accepted their apology. cf. [meing] sapwellimankihda.

alehdi   vt. to receive votes, to be awarded a degree, title, etc.; to have sexual intercourse with; to conquer, to take a picture of.

aliel, also eliel₂.   archaic. vi. to look (in the direction of). Ohlo alieldo. That man looked toward me.

aliman   meing. vi. to dream. cf. ouraman.

ahlimw   archaic. vi. to mop, to sponge off, to wipe; to take a sponge bath. Ohlo ahlimwte pwe e soumwahu. The man just took a sponge bath because he is sick. ahlimwe, ahlimwih, vt. cf. [meing] limwahdak.

ahlimwe, also ahlimwih.   archaic. vt. to mop, to sponge off, to wipe off; to give someone a sponge bath. Liho ahlimwe serio. The woman gave the child a sponge bath. ahlimw, vi. cf. [meing] limwahdake.

ahlimwih   vt. see ahlimwe.

alis   1. n. (3sg. elise) whiskers. 2. vi. to have whiskers; to have a beard. cf. [meing] komwkomw.

alis poudek   1. n. full beard. 2. vi. to have a full beard;.

alidei   n. holiday. [Eng.]

Alohkapw   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw; it is said that Olosihpa and Olosohpa tried to build a stone city here before moving to Temwen island to build Nan Madol.

alos   Biblical. n. aloes. [Eng.]

alu   vi. to walk; to swim slowly, of fish. eluwe, vt. cf. [meing] ket.

aluhluwe, also aluweluwe.   meing. n. (3sg. aluhluwahr) leg, legs, foot, feet. Aluhluwehn Mwohnsapwoko mwpos. Mwohnsapwoko's's legs are swollen. cf. neh.

aluhmwur   1. vi. to formally acknowledge the presence of visitors, done as a respect gesture by individuals traveling after or with the recipients. 2. n. the name of the associated feast. aluhmwurih, vt.

aluhmwurih   vt. see aluhmwur.

aluweluwe, also aluhluwe.   meing. n. (3sg. aluweluwahr) leg, legs, foot, feet. Aluweluwen Mwohnsapwoko medekda. Mwohnsapwoko's legs are sore. Aluweluwehn Mwohnsapwoko medekda. Mwohnsapwoko's feet are sore. cf. neh.

aluwenpwong, also eluwenpwong.   1. vi. to go out at night for the purpose of a sexual liaison. 2. n. night walk, for the purpose of a sexual liaison. aluwenpwongih, vt.

aluwenpwongih, also eluwenpwongih.   vt. to go out at night to meet someone of the opposite sex for the purpose of sexual liaison. aluwenpwong, vi.

alkeniken   vt. to try to exalt oneself by flattering or presenting gifts to one's superiors, to fawn over. Ohlo kalapw alkeniken rehn a kaun. That man often presents gifts to gain favors from his boss.

allap   n. main road, usually one for vehicular traffic.

alminiom   n. aluminum. [Eng.]

Alpa   Biblical. n. Alpha, first letter of the Greek alphabet. Ngehi me Alpa oh Omeka. I am the Alpha and the Omega. [Eng.< Greek.]

alpaped   n. alphabet;. [Eng.]

aldo   vi. to sing alto. [Eng.]

altepra   n. algebra. [Eng.]

ahm   n. ham. [Eng.]

ama, also ahmwe.   n. hammer. [Eng.]

ahmara   n. a kind of magic performed to lighten heavy loads.

amarepe   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

amas   1. adj. raw, uncooked. 2. adj. sober.

amen, also ahmen.   Biblical. interj. amen. [Eng.]

ahmen, also amen.   interj. amen. [Eng.]

Amerika   n. America, United States of America. [Eng.]

ami   n. screen. [Jap. ami]

amimono   1. n. any crocheted item. 2. vi. to crochet. [Jap. amimono] amimonoh, vt.

amimonoh   vt. to crochet. [Jap.] amimono, vi.

ampaia, also ampangia.   n. umpire, referee. [Jap. anpaia < Eng.]

ampangia   n. see ampaia.

ampasador   1. n. ambassador. 2. vi. to serve as an ambassador. [Eng.]

amper   n. umbrella, cover. [Eng.] cf. [meing] kadauk, koamoarop.

amperker   n. hamburger. [Eng.]

ahmw₁, also omw.   poss. cl. your, yours (singular). see ah₂. cf. [meing] sapwellim, sapwellimahr.

ahmw₂, also liahmw, omwinwel.   n. a tiny flying insect, commonly found in the forest.

ahmw₃   n. slip noose or snare for catching animals.

amwa   poss. cl. your, dual. see ah₂.

amwail   poss. cl. your, plural. see ah₂.

ahmwadang   1. n. food or kava served prior to a formal meal or kava ceremony. 2. vi. to consume food or kava prior to a formal meal or kava ceremony.

ahmwe, also ama.   n. hammer. [Eng.]

amwer   vt. to crumple, to wrinkle. emwirek, adj.

amweredi   vt. to pick, pull, or cut down in entirety. emwiemwidi, vi.

ahmwih   vt. to catch with a slip noose or a snare.

amwiamwihn   adj. fecund, having many bunches, said of coconut palms and some fruit trees.

amwin   vt. to wash one's hands. emwiemw, vi. cf. [meing] sikamwere.

amwise   n. mosquito.

amwisehn   adj. full of mosquitoes.

amwo   interj. yes, sort of. Serepeino lel de da? Amwo. Is that girl beautiful or what? Yes, sort of.

ampwulens   n. ambulance. [Eng.]

ahn₁   vt. to be used to or accustomed to, to be familiar with (something). I ahn mwohd nantat. I'm used to sitting on the floor.

ahn₂   interj. Well then?; Then what?; So what?; What of it?

anaire, also araine.   1. n. Japanese marble game, the object of which is to shoot a marble in proper order into five holes, customarily played only by boys. 2. vi. to play this game. [Jap. anaire]

analuhlu   n. a dryland taro (sawa₁) cultivar. [Eng. Honolulu]

anahn   1. adj. necessary, indispensable. 2. n. need, want, necessity. anahne, vt. cf. [meing] eimwel .

anahne   vt. to need, to require. anahn, adj. cf. [meing] eimwele.

anapi   n. firecracker. [Jap. hanabi]

ahne   vt. to heed, to pay attention to, to agree with. Soulik kin ahne en liho ah koasoai. Soulik always pays attention to that woman’s stories.

ahnek   vi. to have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

ahnek kepwe   vi. to be rich.

ahneki   vt. to own, to have, used with nouns occurring with the classifier ah₁.

ahnekihla   vt. to take possession of. Kiling ahnekihla ahi seht kapwo. Kiling took possession of my new shirt.

ahnepe   n3s. customary way of doing things, tradition; instinct. Kamadipw wia ahnepen mehn Pohnpei. Feasts are a Pohnpeian tradition.

anien   n. onion, Allium cepa. [Eng.]

aniket   vi. to take pleasure in seeing one receive his comeuppance. aniketih, vt.

aniketih   vt. see aniket.

animwure   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

anihn   n. the bitter part of a clam, used for medicine; the black part of the spider conch, believed to be poisonous.

ansou, also ahnsou.   n. (3sg. ansawi) time, a period of time. Mie ansou sohla keteu Pohnpei. There was a time when there was no rain in Pohnpei. I kilele, oh ansowohte e mwekid. I took his picture, and at that very moment he moved. ekei ansou sometimes, ansou kis a short time.

ahnsou   n3s. see ansou.

ansu   n. star fruit tree, carambola, Averrhoa carambola. [Jap. anzu]

And   n. an atoll located approximately eight miles west of Pohnpei, part of Kitti municipality.

andasiro   1. vi. to throw underhanded. 2. n. in baseball, an underhand pitch₁. [Jap. andā surō < Eng. under+throw]

andehna   n. antenna. [Eng.]

andere   meing. vt. to intentionally bother; to interfere with; to intervene. Komw dehr andere mwekid en koapwoarment. Don't interfere with government affairs. cf. lidere.

andereseli   vi. to roam around aimlessly.

anwallihp   n. annual leave. Ma ke loaloapwoatehng ahmw doadoahk, noumw anwallihp pahn tohto. If you are dedicated to your work, you will have lots of annual leave. [Eng.]

ahng₁   1. n. (3sg. angi/engi) air, gas, atmosphere, breeze, wind₁, fumes; energy, aura. 2. meing. n. (3sg. angihr) anger, used for the Nahnmwarki. 3. meing. adj. angry, used for the Nahnmwarki. cf. lingeringer.

ahng₂   vt. to pass objects from one person to another. Menlau ahngodo mahs soahlen. Please pass me the salt.

ahng₃   vt. to pay attention to; to take another's speech or actions seriously; to accept or to take up another’s offer. Komw dehr ahngada ah koasoai pwe e me likamw. Don't pay attention to what he says because he is undoubtedly lying. Ohlo ahng en pwutako ah pekimahko. The man accepted the boy's apology.

angak   n. a school of groupers (specifically sawi₂).

ahngamwahu, also engamwahu.   adj. providing favorable conditions, conducive to a good outcome.

angahng   adj. gigantic, spacious.

angap   vi. to hang up, of a telephone. [Eng.]

ahngepwel   1. n. ill-fortune. 2. adj. unfavorable current for fishing; suffering from ill-fortune.

ahngepweliki   vt. to suffer the consequences of one's actions. I ahngepweliki sakawen pwohngo. I suffered the consequences of last night's kava.

anged   adj. extremely long or tall.

angede   n3s. see ahngede.

ahngede, also angede.   n3s. length, extent, height.

angiangih   meing. vt. to scold, to deprecate. Re angiangih ohlo. He scolded that man. cf. lupwoare.

angiangin   adj. energetic, forceful.

angin   adj. windy.

angin ahu, also engin ahu.   n. (3sg. angin ewe) breath, breath of life; the power of one's speech.

angin kehlap, also engin kehlap.   n. collaborative effort; collaboration, cooperation, joined forces, solidarity.

angin sihleng, also engin sihleng.   meing. n. (3sg. angin sihlangi) the breath of life (employed in the Bible in lieu of angin dawas ).

angin dawas, also engin dawas.   meing. n. (3sg. angin dewese) breath, breath of life; the power of one's speech. cf. engin ahu.

anginiei, also enginiei.   1. vi. to begin to burn. 2. n. heat, from a fire. 1. Uhmwo anginieida. The earth oven is beginning to burn.

anginmwelu, also enginmwelu.   1. meing. vi. to fart. 2. meing. n. (3sg. enginmweluahr) fart. 1. Koanoate mwoaroapw kak kahrehda Mwohnsapwoko ar anginmwelu. Consuming chestnuts could cause Mwohnsapwoko to fart. cf. sing, sihng.

anginmweluh, also enginmweluh.   n. fern sp.

anginwol, also enginwol.   adj. satiated, having had one’s fill of sex with men (said of a woman).

anginwolda, also enginwolda.     vi. to desire sexual gratification, said of a woman.

angkasi   n. handkerchief. [Jap. hankachi < Eng.]

angke   n. anchor. [Eng.]

angkeikei   adj. given to domestic disputes or quarrels. Dene pekin dihdi me kin angkeikei. It is said that the youngest member of the family is given to quarreling.

angkeikein pwoaren toik   n. sibling rivalry.

angkehlail   1. vi. to take by force; to rape. 2. adj. said of one who shows off his power or strength.

angkesip   n. handkerchief. [Eng.]

angkot, also ainkot.   n. strand, as of hair; fiber, as of sennit or cloth.

angsuwed   n. bad atmosphere, bad climate, bad feelings.

ahngsuwed, also engsuwed.   1. adj. entailing unfavorable or unacceptable conditions, of a nature that is difficult to accept. 2. n. scandal; bad example. 1. Arail pekipeko mwur ahngsuwed. Their request is difficult to accept. ahngsuwedih, vt.

ahngsuwedih   vt. to dishonor. Ah iouki sakauo ahngsuwedih ah pwukoah. His drunken behavior dishonored his position. ahngsuwed, vi.

apa   num. one. see pa₃.

apak   num. one. see pak₁.

apakahdo   n. avocado, Persea americana. [Eng.]

ahpako   n. fish sp., bluespot mullet, Valamugil seheli, a mature ah₄.

Apakuk   Biblical. n. Habakkuk, a book in the Kadehde Mering (Old Testament). [Eng.]

ahpalap   1. meing. n. pregnancy. 2. meing. vi. pregnant. 1. Sapwellimen Likend ahpalap sansalehr. Likend's pregnancy is noticeable. cf. liseian.

ahpalapada   1. meing. vi. to become pregnant. 2. meing. n. pregnancy. 1. Nahnalek ahpalapada. Nahnalek became pregnant. cf. liseianda.

apali   num. one. see pali₁.

apalipeseng   vi. to be divided into groups or sections.

apar   num. one. see par₂.

apara₁, also aparahr, apere.   meing. n3s. shoulder. Serio mwohd pohn apara kisin ansou kis. The child sat on his shoulder just for a little while. cf. pwopwe.

apara₂   meing. vt. to carry on one's shoulder.

aparahr, also apara₁, apere.   meing. n3s. shoulder. Re ketkihda pohn aparahr. He put it on his shoulder. cf. pwopwe.

apartmen   n. apartment. [Eng.]

ahpada   1. meing. vi. to become pregnant. 2. meing. n. pregnancy. cf. liseianda.

apadopi   1. n. broad jump, long jump. 2. vi. to broad jump, to long jump. [Jap. habatobi]

ape₁   1. n. thing; etcetera, and others. 2. interj. Hey you!; normally employed only with children and friends.

ape₂   vi. to cause or perform some action or motion; to have sexual intercourse. apehne, vt.

ape-   polite. vi. to come or go. Komw apehdo. Come here. cf. [meing] ket.

apel   n. Malay apple or mountain apple, Syzygium malaccense. [Eng.]

apel en pohnpei, also apel.   n. an alternative name for apel, employed to distinguish this plant from apel en waii.

apel en waii, also apeltik.   n. rose apple, Syzygium jambos and wax apple, also called water apple, or Syzgium aqueum, commonly cultivated near houses for its fruit, typically consumed by children.

apeltik   n. see apel en waii.

apehne   vt. to cause or perform some action or motion; to have sexual intercourse with; to assault, to attack; to repair, to fix. ape₂, vi.

apenek mwoh   n. twenty-sixth night of the month in the traditional calendar, the third night after the last quarter of the lunar cycle.

apenek mwuhr   n. twenty-fifth night of the month in the traditional calendar, the second night after last quarter of the lunar cycle.

apere, also apara₁, aparahr.   meing. n3s. shoulder. cf. pwopwe.

apehdo   1. n. in Nett, the titles from eight down in the Nahnmwarki line and from six down in the Nahnken line. 2. vi. to come.

apih   vt. to pull something, usually with a line or rope. ep, vi. cf. [meing] air₂, airih.

apihpene   vt. to pull together; to close₁, as an umbrella; to draw a group of people together.

ahpikihda   meing. vt. to conceive. E ahpikihda seri pwutak emen oh naitikihdi. She conceived a male child and gave birth. cf. liseiankihda.

apin   slang. vt. to spank, to beat.

apihpene   vt. to pull together; to close₁, as an umbrella; to draw a group of people together.

apis   n. outrigger support, extending from the side of the hull to the end of the outrigger.

apid   vt. to carry on one's side, to carry under one's arm. Pwutako apid kiamo e sohte kapaik. The boy carried the food basket on his side rather than on his shoulder. epid, vi.

apostropi   n. apostrophe. [Eng.]

Apkanisdan   n. Afghanistan. [Eng.]

apkap   n. hubcap. [Eng.]

apkahs   n. half-caste. [Eng.]

aplikeisin   n. application. [Eng.]

Apreil, also Epreil.   n. April. [Eng.] cf. [meing] Ering.

Aprika   n. Africa. [Eng.]

apw   conj. adv. and then. Irail doadoahk lao nek, irail apw kohla Kolonia. They worked until they were finished, and then they went to Kolonia.

ahpw   1. conj. but. 2. adv. really, definitely, wholeheartedly, without reservation. 1. I men kang kehp, ahpw sohte nei kehp. I want to eat yam, but I don't have any. 2. I ahpw pahn men iang. I really would like to come. 2. Mwurin rahn riau de siluh, ah mahi kan ahpw pahn uhdahn mat. After two or three days, the breadfruit will definitely be ripe.

apwal   1. adj. difficult, hard, troublesome, impossible. 2. n. hard times, difficulty, problem. 3. interj. used with i en to mean ‘I'll be damned if...’. 3. Apwal i en kohla! I'll be damned if I'll go!

apwalih   vt. to take care of, to rear₁ a child; to protect; to treat someone who is ill,. cf. [meing] daulenge, daulangih.

apwalihada   vt. to raise a child. Liho apwalihada pwutako sang ni ah pwelel. That woman raised that boy from infancy.

apweda   interr. What else? What other alternative is there? Why not? Kitail pahn tuhweng ohlo? Apweda? Are we going to meet that man? What else?

apwin₁, also opwin₁.   vt. to wash one's face. epwinek, vi. cf. [meing] mahlinge.

apwin₂, also opwin₂.   n. the log forming the threshold at the entrance of a feasthouse.

apwin₃   n. the first center post of a feasthouse, as one enters.

apwid   n. tree sp., native macaranga, Macaranga carolinensis, used for making fishnet frames, for firewood, and for medicine.

ahpwide, also ahpwte.   adv. used in combination with adjectives suffixed by -la to indicate that the quality described will be intensified. Ke dehr mwenge laud, pwe ke pahn ahpwide mworouroula. Don't eat a lot, because you will get even fatter.

apwunai   interj. an expression used in a tense situation to indicate that there is a danger one might not succeed, typically employed in athletic competitions. [Jap. abunai]

apwuraiasi, also nihn aprika.   n. African oil palm, Elaesis guineensis, introduced by the Japanese for its oil. [Jap. aburayashi]

apwuhs, also apwuht.   n. garlic pear, Crataeva speciosa.

apwuht   n. see apwuhs.

ahpwte, also ahpwide.   adv. used in combination with adjectives suffixed by -la to indicate that the quality described will be intensified.

ahpwtehn   adv. recently, just₁, in a temporal sense. E ahpwtehn kohdo. He just came.

ahr, also arail.   poss. cl. their, plural. see ah₂.

ara₁   poss. cl. their, dual. see ah₂.

ara₂   num. one. see ra.

arail, also ahr.   poss. cl. their, plural. see ah₂.

araine, also anaire.   1. n. Japanese marble game, the object of which is to shoot a marble in proper order into five holes. 2. vi. to play this game. [Jap. anaire]

aramas   n. people, person, human being, mankind; somebody, someone; commoner, as opposed to the Soupeidi.

aramas mwahl   n. commoner, common people.

aramas sarawi   n. saint.

arawahn   1. adj. expert, knowledgeable. 2. n. an expert, wisdom. 1. Ohlo me arawahn nan poadoapoad. The man is an expert in history.

arawahniki   vt. to be expert at, to be knowledgeable about.

are, also ari.   1. num. two. 2. n. the second₁ cup of kava during a kava ritual. see ehd₁.

Areu   n. a piece of land on the northern coast of Madolenihmw; home of Wasahi Esikaia who gave land in Ohwa to the Protestant mission.

arekarek   adj. gritty, rough, not smooth.

Arem   n. one of the two kinds of people who lived on Pohnpei in the past (the other being the liet); the predecessors of the contemporary aramas (people) of Pohnpei.

arehn koanoat, also arie.   meing. n. the second₁ cup of kava during a kava ritual, in all chiefdoms given to the Nahnken, except in Nett, where it is given to Likend or Nahnalek Nett (spouse of the Nahnmwarki or Nahnken). Patohwandahdo arehn koanoat. Bring forward the second cup of kava. cf. arehn sakau.

arehn malek   n. early morning, marked by the second crowing of roosters.

arehn sakau, also arienken.   n. the second₁ cup of kava during a kava ritual. cf. [meing] arehn koanoat, arehnken.

arehn sanek   n. twentieth night of the month in the traditional calendar, the fourth night after the full moon in the lunar cycle. Arehn sanek iei pwohng kerieisek en nan ehu sounpwong. Arehn sanek is the twentieth night of the month.

arep   n. spear, arrow, dart.

arepe, also pwurien arepe.   n. hibiscus pole, after the bark has been stripped off.

arer, also sikarer.   vi. to spray or blow inside, of windblown rain.

arewel   adj. wild, untamed; undomesticated.

arewella   vi. to become feral, to return to a wild state, of animals.

ari, also are.   num. two. see ehd₁.

arih   vt. to stir, to probe with something. erier, vi.

arihpene   vt. to mix together, as with a spoon.

arihpeseng   vt. to stir apart, as when spreading stones when uncovering an uhmw; to spread out something that is in a pile, using an implement.

ariarsin   n. a yam cultivar, having purple flesh.

arie   n. the second₁ cup of kava during a kava ritual, in all chiefdoms given to the Nahnken, except in Nett, where it is given to Likend or Nahnalek Nett (the spouse of the Nahnmwarki or Nahnken).

arimaki   n. bellyband, sash. [Jap. haramaki]

arimi   n. army. [Eng.]

arihpene   vt. to mix together, as with a spoon.

arihpeseng   vt. to stir apart, as when spreading stones when uncovering an uhmw; to spread out something that is in a pile, using an implement.

aririh   vt. to attend or serve a dignitary during a feast or kava ceremony. erir, vi.

ariripe, also eriripe.   n3s. one who attends or serves a dignitary during a feast or kava ceremony.

Arisohna   n. Arizona. [Eng.]

arong, also oarong.   n. fish spp., bluefin trevally, Caranx melampygus or giant trevally, Caranx ignobilis.

Arkansoa   n. Arkansas. [Eng.]

arkipisop   n. archbishop. [Eng.]

ahrkohl   n. alcohol. [Jap. arukōru < Eng.]

Armakeden   Biblical. n. Armageddon. [Eng.]

arp   n. harp. [Eng.]

arteri   n. artery. [Eng.]

ahs₁   n. ass, donkey. [Eng.]

ahs₂   n. hatch of a ship. [Eng.]

asamwahn   n. male turtle; male mangrove crab.

asang   1. n. pile of stones. 2. meing. n. (3sg. asangahr) teeth. 1. E uhdi koammoal ni asango. He stopped to rest at the pile of stones. 2. Asangahr mwamwahute. Your teeth are still good. cf. ngih₂.

Asempli   n. Assembly of God. [Eng.]

asepein   n. female turtle; female mangrove crab.

asi₁   vi. to sneeze. cf. [meing] seipar, sihpek, seipar.

asi₂   n. chopsticks. [Jap. hashi]

Asia, also Esia.   n. Asia. [Eng.]

asima   1. n. asthma. 2. vi. to have asthma. [Eng.]

asimel   n. fish sp., river snapper, Lutjanus argentimaculatus.

asiper, also asipir.   n. hair whorl on the crown of the head, two of which (a double crown) are said to be the mark of a naughty child.

asipir   n. see asiper.

aska   1. n. measles. 2. vi. to have the measles. [Jap. hashika]

asmaki   1. n. headband, worn at athletic events to encourage one to do one's best, or worn to keep perspiration out of one's eyes. 2. vi. to wear a headband. [Jap. hachimaki]

astronod   1. n. astronaut. 2. vi. to be an astronaut. [Eng.]

ahd₁   n. (3sg. ede) name; noun.

ahd₂   n. current.

ahd-   vi. to drift, to flow. Pihlo ahdodo paliet. The water flowed towards this side.

ahdan   adj. having a strong current.   n. rapids.

ahd₃   n. smoke, spray, mist.

ahd-   vi. to drift, to flow. Pihlo ahdodo paliet. The water flowed towards this side.

adalap   adj. general name, generic name.

Adam   Biblical. n. Adam. [Eng.]

adamwahu   1. adj. having a good reputation, having a positive or favorable image. 2. n. esteem, admiration.

adamwahl   n. a non-baptismal name, nickname.

adamwar   n. a name given to a child before or shortly after birth that is identical to or is derived from a title.

ahdan   1. adj. having a strong current. 2. n. rapids.

adaneki, also adaniki.   vt. to be named, to be called.

adaniki   vt. see adaneki.

adarasi   adj. new, clean. [Jap. atarashī]

adaru   adj. lucky; skillful, as of a batter in baseball. [Jap. ataru]

adasi   vi. to go barefoot. [Jap. hadashi]

adahd   vi. neut. to be sharpened, to have an edge put on something. ede₂, vt.

adatuk   vi. to sharpen an edge into a wedge shape, as of a knife; that is, to sharpen just the edge and not back into the blade.

adi   n3s. vapor, smoke, mist.

adih   vt. to take by force, of any kind, to usurp. Ke dehr adih naipen rehn serien. Don't take that knife away from that child.

ahdin mehla   n. the throes of death. Ahdin mehla saikinte lel liho, ah re tepida mwahiei. That woman hadn't yet reached the throes of death, and they started wailing.

adires   n. last name; address. [Eng.]

aditik   n. nickname, abbreviated name of a place or person.

aditikih   vt. to nickname, to provide with an abbreviated name.

adohl   n. a coconut palm cultivar, having nuts with a sweet, juicy husk.

ahdomour   adj. of a stream, rising and fast₁ flowing.

adomwot, also adkamwot.   n. nickname, abbreviated name.

adu   num. nine. see ehd₁.

adkamwan   n. nickname; alternate name.

adkamwot, also adomwot.   n. nickname, abbreviated name.

adperip   n. adverb. [Eng.]

adperip en pous   n. conjunctive adverb. [adperip <Eng.]

adsuwed   1. adj. having a bad reputation, having a negative or unfavorable image, disgraceful. 2. n. disgrace.

addohk   n. hotdog. [Eng.]

Adwendo   n. Advent. [Spa. Adviento]

aht₁   poss. cl. our, ours (exclusive). see ah₂.

aht₂   n. heart, in cards. [Eng.]

ata   poss. cl. our, dual. see ah₂.

atail   poss. cl. our, plural. see ah₂.

ataut   n. joist, the timber to which floorboards are attached.

atet   n. bird sp., black noddy, Anous minutus.

ahtikitik   adj. thin, slender, of small girth.

ahtikitik en neh   n3s. area of the leg just above the ankle, including the shin.

ahtikitik en peh   n3s. area of the arm just above the wrist.

atsedip   n. adjective. [Eng.]

awa   n. hour. [Eng.]

Awai   n. Hawai'i. [Haw.]

Awak   n. a formerly sovereign territory in north-eastern Pohnpei, now a section (kousapw) in U.

Awak Pah   n. a section (kousapw) in U.

Awak Powe   n. a section (kousapw) in U.

awih   vt. to wait for. owiou, vi. cf. [meing] kehnsenge.

awihala   vt. to anticipate, to expect.

awihedi   vt. to await someone at a point approximately halfway to his or her destination.

Awihie!   interj. Wait for me!; Just you wait!, commonly used to caution or subdue children.

awihodo   vt. to await; to welcome, to greet.

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